A Young Girl Abruptly Shrink  Old 




You are about to read a true life story, though it’s out of the ordinary — but read carefully and learn your lessons.
Last time I uploaded a tale of a young girl  who allegedly run mad in Lagos after a benz lift from one of the ritualist big boys in town.

Now I’m about to tell similar unusual live story, but a more bizzare one. Some hours ago, a girl was dropped from a vehicle in Lagos, and she abruptly got mad; as soon as she unclad herself, she shrinked into  a very old woman. Her details could not be figured out, but right now she’s transformed into a zombie. It may not, all be her fault — but being with the wrong men is a risky fun.

The video below shows when the damsel got unclad and shrinked off.


The fact is that, not all that glitters is gold; every lady loves to be with an already self made man. Is good, but be careful whom you hang around, because there are many wolves in sheep clothing. Always pray, to God for protection from the vile plot of predators.

May the evil ones keep away from us.

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