Art of Seduction


The art of seduction in this context, is how to physically attract, influence and control others base on their admirations for beauty, and unleashed promiscuity. Many singles are expatriates of the act, while others are still neophytes — categorizing it to be absurd. However, it’s an exploration of natural instinct, putting it to test and practicing it.
It’s natural for humans and other animals to seduce their opposite poles example, women seduce men and vice versa; to enable the initiation of relationship goals. Seduction is indeed an inbred potential to excite procreation, therefore don’t feel shy to seduce any gorgeous fellow tagged on your innermost heart.

Elements of seduction are natural or artificial intelligence put to use to entice an interested target.
1.) Desire
2.) Demand
3.) Interaction
4.) Greenlights
5.) Looking Attractive
6.) Gifts

1.) Desire:
The first element to be acknowledged, in tending to attract a match or  found missing rib is the zeal and desire to be his/her partner. This is the temptation, emotional persuasion, and initial love for the comeliness in the eyes of the alluring creature. Such strong emotional motivation, triggers the inspiration of how to come closer to the new buddy, initiate friendship and produce tangible proof of prowess.

Desire is also called the will.
Will secretes momentary logics fit to imploy, while interracting with a newly found beloved. Wishes indicates desire, whereas prayer is accompanied by apprehension.
Design a desire with your mind, keep it flexible and let it not wax cold or stiffled, lest you lose touch with the first seduction element. Be led into temptation, and take that which tempts, whenever you can.

2.) Demand:
Demand is the confidence developed to take that which temps you. Not everyone has the boldness to demand for what they admire. Many are shy and could not walk up to the one they’re enthusiastic about to express there feelings. Mind you, don’t forget — what ever you want and you take steps to get, you will surely get it or not. Just don’t be shy, swallow up your pride, confess your feelings and always hope it shall be done in accordance to your will. If your will crosses here successfully, then you have the hope to be auspicious in your task of allurement.

3.) Interaction:
Being efficient enough to express your feelings, to the one that makes your heart beat faster is good, but interacting with affectionate communications is better. The more imteractions you have, the more the individual becomes closer, the closer you are the more easier it is to enhance seduction. Mingle more, remain a buddy.

4.) Greenlights:
Greenlights are special signals or flashlights used to distract a target to project his/her mind to your direction.
The fuel that combusts seduction is command to look tactics, where you dress in a particular manner, to gather attention from others. Greenlights include cutting of eye, body languages, talking in a promiscuous manner, hugging, holding/shaking in a special way, sending sexy texts etc. In the course of manipulating the attention of others, be inspired enough to show them as many body language that’s capable of focusing there attention on you.

5.) Looking Attractive:
The effectiveness of looking attractive in the course of seducing a mate cannot be overemphasized. Human beings believe most what they see, percieve, and hear. So that becomes a strategy in directing the heart of a crush to yourself. Dress well—most not be too expensive, we call it packaging; use nice perfume, use your cute pictures for display picture on social media, do a nice make-up, catwalk, speak fluently, and behave as if you don’t shit. Make the one you trip for, also die for you. Keep glittering from your distance.

6.) Gifts:
One of the competent way to catch a sucker owes us infatuation, is by giving them gifts. Give and it shall be given unto you. Most at times you proffers gold, diamond, cars, houses, jets, money, down to the least you could give from your heart. Love, money and gifts goes together like identical twins. Give unto those you expect from, the same thing you gave out may not return, but you and the other you, knows what you are anticipating in return. Gift is like a bait, even if your bait was eaten by a challatan, don’t be discouraged, it  keeps them guilty and loyal. Always give, but don’t take from those you don’t want to give anything in return.

Seduce the one you love, don’t be shy.

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