Breakup and Divorce


Divorce and Breakup
A couple is like cat and rat staying under the same roof, made possible because of the power of love. Love knows no hatred that’s reason they can be like goat sucking the breast of a dog. Zero exercise of power, is what makes them be like when a goat is chasing a lion. Applying forgiveness, you earn a life long lasting marriage. That is how it’s supposed to be.

Breakup or divorce is putting a stop to the progress of a relationship or marriage. It’s a loss of not just the partnership and romance shared together, but an entire ruin to the future dreams and commitments experimented in common. There are barriers in relationship, but you where suppose to climb those obstacles and make the union tougher to withstand external stress. Most courtship/marriage survives several misunderstandings to maintain a stable state. The occurrences of breakups and divorce at times, has no definition or explanation for the cause or reason for the breakup. That’s a result of compilation of malice and dislikes. Do well to always notify your partner of anything you don’t like, instead of keeping it in mind. Because that is how relationship/marriage navigates to it’s unplanned end.

The beginning of a relationship is always rosy, romantic, and reloaded with fun, love, and trust. Is like bringing someone from the village to the city; it’s full of surprises and ecstasy. As life goes on, familiarity and disdain begin to find there way in. You find out that the person you initially worship like a demi god, suddenly being deteriorating in value and treated with scorn.
At a certain point in a relationship, things no more make sense to you. Everything about your partner irks you up. Be wary, its a sign of break up.

When a relationship fails, either you desired it or not, it’s quite painful and annoying as one experiences a pervading disappointment, stress, and grief, in trying to stabilize, and fill up the blank space.
A breakup can sail you from the ocean of love to cosmic sea of chaos. The emotional trauma involved can affect your identity as well as interaction with friends, family, and relations as everything is disrupted. But then put yourself together, as the beginning of the end is another start.

After a relationship collapses, review yourself of the scars that remain, figure out which of the faults where caused by you and the possible solution to prevent such an error from further future occurrences, if you are opportune to to start another relationship soon. However, don’t let a breakup to break you down, be courageous enough to rise again after you fall – the future is bright beyond prediction.

Just as break up is commonly used to describe the end of a relationship, divorce is the term that describes dissolution or separation of legally married couple. Divorce is not a word that couples should play with, it should never be joked with.
Marriage is about becoming a team, you both are supposed to be learning about yourself every now and then. Shits blow off and you will need to disagree to agree. When there’s misunderstandings, and both partners feel too big to swallow there pride, apologize and seek forgiveness, the drum beat of dissolution sounds and the signal of divorce pops up.

It’s quite not a very good idea to divorce, as this goes against the oath of marriage “For better for worse”, which means that marriage is a lifetime institution. But when the only option left is final separation, still think twice before making up your mind, because of the grief encapsulated in it.
If it’s a marriage that kids have start coming, such separation also effect the upbringing and morale of the offsprings. It entails loss of financial, intellectual, social, and emotional support.

Sometimes, it maybe kind of easy to break up from a relationship or courtship because your mind is made up, and things are not working out anymore. But it’s really a hectic decision to break up from a marriage. Because of the high level of attachment, hopes, plans, and dreams which its loss can be more painful than physical losses; most divorced couples reconcile and remarry. But if the unfortunate happens, be courageous enough to handle the emotional and physical stress entailed.

Divorce could lead to anger, anxiety, frustration, depression and grief.
Isolating yourself from social activities, and people can boost your stress levels, minimize your concentration, affect your input at work, interpersonal relationships, and overall health. You may need to mix up with people, and if possible open up to someone – share your grief with a trusted one, carefully. You may consult a relationship expert/counselor so as to have someone to confide in, and for more advice.

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