Chastity And Cheating In A Union


The ideal relationship, is that which acknowledges chastity over cheating. True relationship goal leaves a zero chance for infidelity. But nowadays, the reverse is the case. However, I would tell you a secret now: are you aware that harbouring multiple partners will open your space to potential danger?.

Cheating in relationship/marriage is becoming a trend in this generation, that it gives me so much concern. I took my time to carry out a research, on couples that cheat and those that practice chastity, and I came up with these fruit of thoughts. From discussions I had with most couples at the backstage, I discovered that most ladies flirt before marriage or a serious date, but faithful thereafter: while most men are faithful before marriage and opt into infidelity after they settled down.

1.) Chastity In A Relationship:
Chastity is abstaining from sexual intercourse before marriage. But that is uncommon nowadays. True chaste has lost its content, adulterated, and emptied into the abyss of infidelity while tasting the forbidden fruit. Chastity recommends having intercourse with only one person – your beloved.

People try to justify their reasons for unfaithfulness in many ways, but whatever standard that is not conventional, cannot be twisted to be right.
I was trying to enlighten a fellow about celibacy, and sexual abstinence and he replied “how can someone be eating only one variety of food, all season?” And I replied “if it’s safe to do so, then that is what has to be done”. I don’t think the pleasure felt during coitus is different between many individuals. But because some people has mastered the bad habit of sexual dissatisfaction, they hop from bed to bed, hawking sex for money, or trying to differentiate sweet sex from the bitter ones.

The basic reason you must practice chastity, is not just the risk factor involved in leading porous sexuality   keeping multiple partners. But because it hacks and disintegrate, the inbred trust that made love in the union to have a good foundation. Lest before i forget, trust is like an eraser, ones its used to clear an error, the process is virtually irreversible. If you can use your mind, to capture the true design of copulation, you will fathom with the fact that it was meant to be personal and not a public affair. Chastity secures your life and that of your innocent partner.

Do you know that chastity isolates masturbation and pornography? When we are talking about this topic, most people do the opposite and label it chastity. Some people don’t keep male/female friends but they are homosexual/lesbian, others watch porn and masturbate but don’t have a companion of the opposite sex. That’s wrong, when we elaborates celibacy, it cut-off all form of sexual indulgence. Embrace chastity and abstain from dangerous sexual habits today.

It requires self discipline to abstain from the compulsion behind illicit sex, or deciding to hook up with those approaching, to prompt you into premarital sex. Setting a boundary alongside with laid down standard, will go a long way expelling those sexually psychic vampires from your aura. Lust is a difficult passion of the mind to master, same as anger, so you need prayer and dedication to assist in maintaining chastity.

The temptation of lust is always irresistible, calibrating your mind off sex will aid in not getting loosed, because once you go black, you can never go back. Create yourself new principles that keeps your circle tight. Vis-à-vis, its not all about creating long rules to abide by, but you need the grace of God to do so. Practicing your religion, fasting and praying seeking for the grace of God to avoid fornication/adultery will deliver you though. Believe in your faith, there’s nothing God cannot do.

Those who faces this heat of durex from intending mates are mostly women. For those men with omnivores sex appetite, who kick around seeking for holes to devour, I challenge you; a strong man will love only one woman in a thousand ways, so check yourself “hole digger!”. It depicts chastity, when you are married or into courtship and an intruder tries to invade, and you where able to summon courage to say NO.

Chastity proffers couples the ground to love each other selflessly.  Enjoy the rose bed swinging from side to side, the future will worry about itself, and will come sooner than you think.
The video clip below, will encourage you on how to resist sexual advances from unwanted men and others who may wrongly interfere in your space.


2.) Cheating In A Relationship:
In a union, cheating is breaking the bond of vow, trust, and love between you and your partner.
Most of the concubines are in no sense, younger, attractive, richer, or better than our partner, but when that curiosity to cheat comes, the cheat mate is welcomed because he/ she is just someone new. Most of the infidelity indulged was just opportunistic and momentarily. Others may be durex, pressure from a superior at work, cloaked with fear of rejection, while few are voluntarily.

The true relationship goal was to have a unique expression of love only between the couple. Therefore, whatsoever action taken consciously or in oblivion, that terminates the existing love and trust is cheating. Sometimes, its not definitely sex, it may be lies, and other hidden agendas.
Extramarital affairs usually start with, feeling really comfortable with someone other than your partner. Or seeking for an aid outside the knowledge of your partner. Such individual in question, maybe the next door neighbor, a colleague at work, member of same religion, etc.

An ordinary friendship without sexual intentions, maybe the start point. Such innocent links are usually associated with core emotional connections, whereby telling each other of personal secret life is involved. Sex drive is always roaming about the ether, seeking for where there’s closeness between different poles. So without wishing for it, sexual drive is introduced partially. From that route of casual friendship, a full blown sex mate is found. That is the genesis of cheating in most union. So be careful being too close to anyone if you do chastity.

No secret in this world could be kept forever, so if you are cheating, don’t forget that the open secret is by the corner. What will you do if you discover that your partner has been cheating on you all this while? If he/she sincerely admits to that, and decide to turn a new leaf, then forgiveness have a role to play here.
Over half of marriages survives infidelity, when couples are willing to work together, they can still rebuild the trust and love each other and rise again after they fall. Most cheating generates from when there is a chaos in the union. So take note, do well to settle misunderstandings with your partner as soon as possible. And avoid reporting your in-house fracas to third parties.

Dotting the i and crossing the t, I still believe that for all indulgence there’s an abstinence. So you can realign your bearing. Cheating happens out of self will. The video clip below from Tik Tok Mahmoud You Tube Channel illuminates that.

Chastity leaves you happy without hidden agendas. It indicates truth, uprightness, and responsibility. Chastity gives you freedom and adds no sorrow, therefore embrace chastity today.

Wish you unending chaste love life.

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