Child Abuse

Child abuse is simply the act of
denying a child of comfort, thereby hurting him/her physically or emotionally.
Many children die and wallow in sorrow everyday due to intentional recklessness from the ward or parents.
NB: a child is a person that’s not up to the age of 18. This article highlights child abuse enlightenment; we may proceed now.

Child abuse can be categorized as either physical abuse, sex abuse, emotional abuse, and negligence.

Physical abuse of the child, just as the name implies; is an improper treatment of a minor, thereby inflicting physical pain caused by physical actions.
Such physical actions can be punching, flogging, kicking, slapping, biting, throwing the child away after birth, flinging of child to the ground or raping.

Physical abuse can come in many forms, such as immoderate sanction enforced on the child via violent actions. Even if such action was not deliberately intended to harm the child.
Damages imposed on a child due to violent physical actions may include bruises, burns, bite marks, fractures or even death.
Minimum force used to correct a child who’s wrong, is acceptable by the society; but when it goes extreme, it becomes child abuse.

A physically abused child may be affected showing forth odd character attributes such as:-
i.) Being unnecessarily aggressive
ii.) Being scared and frightened of their parents.
iii.) Stubbornness and lack of respect for others.

Child sex abuse is an act of adult or older person indulging in sexual activity with a minor. Such individual may either be a stranger or an insider. Majority of child sexual abuse is carried out by an insider, such as someone the child knows and trusts. For example a neighbor, an uncle, a religious member, a school teacher, even some guardian. They build trust into the young child to believe they are caring and next, the evil act is introduced.

Such morally corrupt wards, gradually get the innocent child cognizant of cuddling sensitive sexual parts; mildly fondles the breasts, buttocks, genitals, doing oral sex, and even sexual intercourse. They further expose them to watching pornography, voyeurism, snapping them sexually, involving the child in pornographic activities, spoiling the underage child with sex chats, giving them out for early marriage or to ritualists for child prostitution.


A child who was abused sexually at younger age, can have an after effect of:-
i.) Involuntary bed-wetting.
ii.) Shamelessly getting nude in public.
iii.) Absconding from home.
iv.) Being passive and timid.
v.) Addiction to sexual activity at early age.
vi.) Victim of unwanted pregnancy and abortion.

Emotional child abuse is when the internal state of mind, natural sense of worth, and social interaction is deprived of a child. This can etch a negative understanding of life to the young fellow. A child that regularly watch the parents engaging in domestic violence can also be emotionally retarded.

Some harsh mode of interaction can lead to child emotional abuse, typical examples is a cruel manner of criticising, disowning, wearing down there value, turning a blind eye to there primary needs, quarantine them from social life, or a coerce handling of child.

Emotional abuse constantly show up when other forms of abuse is initiated. Infact it’s a leadway to depreicide. Evidence of a battered emotion may not spring up immediately or even noticeable, but the long lasting effect can engrave a lot of negative drive on the child’s behavior and assimilation of ideas.

A child was emotional abused would probably have an etch of the long lasting effect such as :-
i.) Frequent hysterical behaviors.
ii.) Forgetfulness and memory lost.
iii.) Blaming of oneself.
iv.) Soliloquy and talking to oneself.
iv.) Either too aggressive or too cool.
v.) Shy, dull and passive.

Negligence is a form of child abuse, that occurs when the parents or guardian intentionally care less, about putting in place basic amenities – necessary to aid a healthy and discipline life style.
This is common in environments where adject poverty restricts the parents/wards from being able to provide basic needs such as food, shelter, clothing, medical care, education, etc.

A habitual lack of care to the young child is an abuse, when he’s abjured in a particular awful condition, without showing fort parental responsibility.

Child negligence has the most varse negative effect on children than other forms of abuse.
i.) A child who was denied of food can starve to death.
ii.) A child born and abandoned in the bush can cry to death.
iii.) A child neglected in a medical condition may die out of carelessness.
iv.) A young child denied of shelter can be compelled to being a vagrant.
v.) A child who had no good educational background, may find it difficult to cope with the society.
vi.) Child labor is another aftermath of neglected child.

Apparent enlightenment serves as an eye opener to both the parents and child.
When you begat a child, it becomes solely your responsibility to carter for his/her primary needs. It’s important to be able to feed, cloth, shelter, and provide basic medical care. However, it’s more important to guide them to have good morale, discipline the child, and impact the required knowledge to cope up with the society at large. Placing a child under control, punishing them accordingly for a disobedience without abuse, and equipping them with the necessary intellectual understanding to counter external abusers—is very important.

Motivate your kids when they do the right thing, and know how to caution them when they misbehave. Your child needs your encouragement and direction to grow up into a well principled person.
Create positive precepts, that serves as guidelines to enable them understand the tricks of abusers, take your time to explain the reasons and to consequences behind disobeying them.

Keep watch over the young ones, don’t leave them alone at home, parks, and other public places until they are matured enough to cater for themselves.
Don’t fail to enlighten your child about child abuse or info a child help center.

Exposing the minor to sexuality, is a child abuse that can damage the mentality of the young child towards sex. Sex drive is a passion of the mind that needs a mature mind to control, therefore don’t expose a child to sex abuse either direct or indirectly.

The video below is a typical example of sex child abuse .

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