Choosing Polygamy




Polygamy is settling down with more than one partner whom are either fully aware of themselves or not. In polygamy, the head of the family shoulders responsibility for all members of the set at equal rate. Both men and women practices polygamy these days directly or indirectly, either legally or illegitimately. When choosing polygamy as regards marrying more than one wife or husband, the questions is “why do you choose polygamy?
Practicing pologamy is like purchasing more than one car. U will need to service, fuel and maintain all vehicles to keep it running. Else isolate from it. It’s for omnivores and matured men, not for boys.

Many would say that it’s a sin to marry more than one wife, but they are right to say so from there angle of view, because through many mistakes laws where created, and same through mistakes violated. Violation is always done with reasons as well as setting a pace. The idea of creating the law that abstains men from marrying more wives emerged from men who could not have a firm grip of managing multiple wives in one family, thereafter – domestic violence and broken home took over the control. A woman marrying more than one husband is on the other hand like a security gateway that has been hacked, except the unconditionally divorced.

Come to understand the world population today; the ratio of women to men is 4:1 according to world population census record. So if one man should marry just one wife, who will marry the remaining women of ratio 3:0. Analysing this census ratio; If one man was naturally augmented to have just one partner, then the ratio should be 1:1. There is scarcity of men in the world today, so this principle of one man to one wife has uncontrollably lead many ladies to remain spinsters today. It has done more harm than good to our single ladies aspiring to settle down in matrimony. It’s high time the society review this law.

Before choosing plural marriage, there are certain reasons combined with the economic importance of the act you must consider. Because such lack of planning makes the indulgence to be dangerous. When the mobility you can manage, is a bicycle and you proceed to maneuver and get a car, by the time you can’t service and maintain that car, it becomes a liability and no more a necessity. Then you join the party that will say, car is not good. Size your coat in your best quotation. You may now digress the fact that the inability to cater for the polygamous family lead to the restriction from marrying more wives.That may not also be all true.


Back in the days, our grandfathers who farms on large hectares of lands; practices polygamy to expand the members of the family, and to generate sufficient man power that will manage there farm produce. In most cultures, polygamy symbolizes success and riches. But due the fact that love is like a cyst with an outer membrane of jealousy; enclosing it with freedom that harbours no envy, a third party love partner is usually a thug of war to succumb with. This is the reason if your hubby brings a second wife, it will sour your emotion. Or if you discover your spouse is flirting, you feel that psychological trauma too.

So reason with me now before opting in, to get a second spouse.

1.) Fecundity Condition:
There are human conditions that can lead one to thinking of adding up another household queen. For instance, if the lady is sterile, and there appears to be no other option left except getting another spouse, especially when family members are pressurizing the lad to take heed. This serves as a legal reason to invite another damsel for a matrimony.
But then have faith for the second option is not easy too.

2.) Tradition:
In most organization and some culture, indulging in polygamy offers one the traditional rite to belong to a higher hierarchy. It symbolises riches and sages. Most people had suffered much of domestic violence, broken home, and family crisis in trying to meet up with the requirement of this solemn tradition, especially the average ones still struggling to survive.

But even your tradition wants you to have more wives, in order to rate high beyond your true capability, re-think. Other times it’s better to manage just one wife than slamming into glum in the cause of intending to please the eyes of the public.

3.) Distance:
Living a far distance from the family, can proffer a man with uncontrolled libido to marry more wives. Out of sight, out of mind. Most people sees the opportunity of being away from home, a yard stick to mess around with other ladies. Most at times, they’ll become a victim of their action. Accidental discharge and the mistress is pregnant, next you are staged on either child support or establishing an emergency new home.

4.) Copy Cat:
Living an extravagant life beyond your standard is a problem of most people seeing themselves on the mirror in another person’s face. Some individuals just do because others are doing it.
But I encourage you today, indulge and abstain under the peripheral of a conscious decision. And enjoy the outcome with ultimate joy.

If you consider yourself capable of managing polygamy, it will be wise if you are wealthy and healthy, to a reasonable extend required to keep all the spouses smiling. Check the history of those who practiced polygamy successfully, ranging from Solomon to the least local double chief, you will see that the love vigor and money where never absent. So be qualified, to avoid been scrutinized by your actions.

It’s quite a solemn decision to indulge in plural marriage, so think well before doing so.


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