Choosing Plural Marriage



Plural Marriage is settling down with more than one partner—whom are either fully aware of themselves or not. It may either be polygamy or polyandry. In plural matrimony, head of the family shoulders responsibility for all members of the set at equal rate, especially polygamy. In our generation, both men and women indulges in this act either in a direct or indirect manner. Before choosing to manage a double wedlock, always consider your reasons; seat back and ask yourself “why must i manage a double conjugal bliss?”. Because in reality, adding a new Queen or King to the castle is similar to purchasing more than one vehicle,  it’s mandatory to service, fuel and maintain both vehicles to keep it running. Now rate your inner most capacity, can you be able carry this cross?  Else rebuke that inspiration, and embrace chastity.  That decision is reserved for the matured in mind and wallet.

Polygyny or polyandry is percieved by most believes to be sin; but they might be right too. Through many mistakes laws where created, and same through mistakes violated. Violation is always done with reasons as well as setting a pace. The law that forbids polygamy/polyandry was emerged to control domestic violence, as true love goes along with jealousy toward a third party.

The ratio of the world gender population, denotes more female gender to males at the ratio of 4:1. More males are born at birth, but before maturity, we have less men. Men dies more hustling, at war, by accident, and other work related hazards. A high percentage transformed to gay/transexual. That has lead to sudden scarcity of men in the world. The principle of one man to one wife—maynot hold water in nearest future, as it guides many singles in remain bachelors/spinsters, it’s high time the society review this law. Ain’t invigorating you to opt into the plural connubial caste, but to understand the economic importance when you find your legs in the shoe. When the mobility you can manage, is a bicycle and you  maneuver and get a lambo, when you can’t service and maintain it—it becomes a liability instead of necessity. The inability to control and provide for the polyandrous/polygamous family, lead to the restriction to legally add to the conjugal circle. That may also not be all true.


Let’s discuss few reasons people marry more than one wife or husband, some where intentional, while others where accidental.

1.) Need For Manpower:

Back in the days, our grandfathers who farms on large hectares of lands; practices polygamy to expand the members of the family, and to generate sufficient man power that will manage there farm produce.

2.) Fecundity Condition:
There are human conditions that can lead to thinking of adding another spouse. Sometimes if the first spouse is sterile, or a particular gender is needed, and there appears to be no other option left to fulfill procreation—except to espouse another person, this serves as another reason to expand the matrimony.

3.) Tradition:
In most organization and some culture, indulging in polygamy/polyandry offers one the traditional rite to belong to a higher hierarchy.  In some tradition, it symbolizes success, riches and sages. Many are curious to belong to that caste, opt into plural marriage.

4.) Distance:
Living  far distance from the family, proffers some men/ladies with uncontrolled libido to dabble into emergency marriage. Out of sight, out of mind. Many people sees the opportunity of being away from home, a yard stick to mess around. Most at times, they become a victim of their action. Boom—a score to count, it’s a goal.

5.) Copy Cat:
Living an extravagant life beyond ones’ standard—has lead many astray in the pool of indecision. Majority sees themselves in the mirror, with another person’s face. They want to do because others are doing it. This class of people are the copy cats. Copy cats never indulge or abstain under the peripheral of a conscious decision. They are either push and start or because Mr. A is doing it.

6. Outmost Spenthrift: 

When you have more money, various pries will always be available to junk it. In the process, some get hooked by the bait. And you could be forced to act out of your boundary. Love and money goes together like malaria and mosquitoes; a targeting gold digger maynot mind to be the fourth or fifth spouse be—wise.


Before considering the decision of managing plural marriage, ensure that you are wealthy and healthy atleast at the average required to keep all the spouses smiling. Just be qualified, to avoid been scrutinized by your actions.

Good luck…


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