Controlling Breast Sagging In Women


It’s very common attribute of every ladies, to see their breasts standing and nosing up in all the ages of there lifetime ,just as it was at the first stage of breast development. But this phenomenon, is not quite easy to place under absolute control. I use to explain to my pals, “look dear ! You can’t turn the clock to the back of time, what must be must be, so worry less about the changes in nature and appreciate the moment”.

The woman breast is made of fat and ligaments. After several years of gravitational pull towards it’s center of gravity, especially those who have a big udder; the ligaments that constitute the tissues of the hooters will naturally stretch and lose elasticity. Due to this inbred factor, the strength of the boobs’ fullness will decrease, as the underlying support system of tissue and fat diminishes.

Any happenstance which the effect of the cause, cannot totally be finalized by the desire of your own judgement, need a control indeed.
A baby pig once asked her mother, “Mum! Why is your nose too long?”, The mother smiled and replied “when you grow matured, you will understand by experience”. Now this is the point: when work done is not equal to zero, then the effect of friction must not be overestimated.

The woman’s tits means different things to different people, and that could be the reason why she pays so much attention to it. To the new born, it means a reservoir of food, to the grown up man, it serves as a point of attraction that enhances the art of seduction, during a foreplay, it’s a dangling suckable melon that triggers arousal. Then to the woman herself, it’s everything that can combust her ego.

Beyond the fact that it is the source of food for a newborn baby, and that men sees it as one a sex organ, that increases the tempo of arousal; the ladies knows that, apart from the mammary gland being there naturally for breastfeeding after childbirth, and a body part that enhances their outlook, it is one of the routes to sexual satisfaction, as fondling and sucking the udder by a partner during coitus, is one of the quickest ways to reach orgasm. That’s just how important the teats could be, from different angle if view.

Meanwhile, firmness of the boobs can increase the beauty in the eyes of the suitors/beholders by influencing a woman’s self esteem, it impacts attraction and initiate seduction to men. It sends the signal of command to look, and affluence sexual promiscuity.
For most men, the bigger the tits the better, as well the greater the firmness of the melons, the better. It’s this quest to achieve the goal, of sustaining a firm jug, that women will do all they can to make the hooters not go flaccid, by embracing different techniques.

Boobs tends to sag with age, excessive fondling, breastfeeding or an aborted pregnancy. Apart from those causes of breast sagging, there are some human activities that could increase the likelihood of boob sagging.


The attention given to the melons to have much importance, as given to it by both men and women concerning it’s firmness, is the reason most ladies wishes to constantly maintain it’s smart outlook. It’s thereby quite enlightening for women to know, how best the udders should be treated to avoid quick sagging.

1.) Lactation:
There’s this popular believe that every lady’s brrasts will tend to sag after pregnancy and breastfeeding. This is quite understandable, because of the release of some hormones and the secretion of milk which could increase the boobs size.

In fact, many assumes that with the way the baby draws the nipples in the process of suckling the mother’s breasts, the jugs would lose firmness and end up being droopy afterwards.

But those assumptions may not be true. According to a gynaecologist, Dr. Bolanle Shukra-Okesina, women can retain the firmness of the breasts even after breastfeeding, depending on how she manages the breasts during and after the period.

I have seen ladies who still maintain the firmness of there hooters even after lactation.
I asked a friend, who has a nice packaging, she’s a mother of two; let’s call her Shantel George, “Shantel, how do you manage your boobs to still be firm after lactating two kids?” and she replied “The use of Fenugreek seeds has many profound health benefit to a breastfeeding mother, including restoring breasts firming after lactation”.

Fenugreek seed promotes lactation in women. Some studies report that drinking fenugreek tea can accelerate breast milk production and infant weight gain. It could also firm the udder and keep it awake and never go floppy.

2.) Losing Weight: 
Some ladies has grown so fat that, they wish to lose weight so as to prevent obesity and pick a smarter outlook. However, losing weight could cause the breasts to sag. In the process of losing weight, some ligaments and fats that made the udder to stand erect, would deform concurrently and could make it flaccid.

If she decided to loss weight by watching her food intake which is normal, if her new food menu doesn’t have sufficient fat, and some calcium building elements, it would eventually sag.

“If a woman who is watching her diet is not taking balanced diet, perhaps to lose some fat, it can make the breast to sag,” According to a gynaecologist, Dr. Bolanle Shukra-Okesina.

Furthermore, a breast surgeon and president of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Michael Edwards, in his piece on Women’s Health, said, “Each time a woman gains and loses weight, breast tissue becomes slack.” .

3.) Radiation:
Excessive exposure to the ultraviolet rays from the sun, could take its toll on the breasts, by stretching out the connective tissues and damaging the skin.
Placing of phones in the bra with the breasts is quite dangerous, this could not only stretch the cells in the ligaments but could also damage them too.

4.) Bra Size:
If a woman does not use the appropriate bra size to package her boobs, if it’s too tight, the tension exerted by the bra on the tits could compress it and cause it to slack.

According to the gynaecologist earlier mentrioned above, the breasts would likely sag if women with (relatively) big breasts, do not use the size of bra that can lift it and keep them in position.

And if the bra is loosed such that the breasts tends to shake, research have explained that the more the breasts bounce around, is the more the outer skin and collagen would be stressed beyond elastic limit, thereby resulting to sagging.

In conclusion, women should wear the correct bra size that keep the breast turgid and in shape.

5.) Smoking:
Smoking can be quite detrimental to the human health. Relating smoking to breast sagging, during the substance (tobacco, marijuana, etc) burning process, carcinogens in cigarette or delta nine tetrahydrocannabinol in cananbis smoke causes elastin to break down in the body. These elastin fibers are responsible for skin elasticity throughout the body. Any amount of smoking can weaken the ligaments that hold the breasts, which could ultimately lead to sagging.

6.) Wrong exercise:
No doubt, exercise is good for the body, and people across all age groups are advised to engage in it.

In fact, there are exercises that help to make the breasts firm, including push-ups and lifting dumbbells. But it has been found that some exercises are inimical to the turgidity of the breasts, especially running, jumping jack and other exercises that would make the hooters jump up and down uncontrollably.

Findings show that when a woman partake in running, jumping jack etc without wearing the appropriate bra, like a fitted sports bra, the breasts would naturally be moving up and down, which can lead to the breakdown of the connecting tissues, leading to sagging eventually.

From the physical fitness bureau, findings have also shown that weight lifting also helps to make the melons get firm as it strengthens the underlying muscles. So, if you have the capacity, try it.


In conclusion, eating balanced diet in reasonable quantity, avoiding too much exposure to sunlight, abstinence from smoking and doing the right exercises could reduce the likelihood of sagging.
There’s even a recent finding that if a partner sucks the breast regularly during coitus, this can prevent breasts cancer.
Nurse your breasts to be turgid, and maintain your desired outlook; lead a healthy lifestyle.

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  1. Nice one. Send the link of the research done about sucking daily boobs. A bit biased about paragraph 7. But it’s okay

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