According to PK Nenbee, during a talk on suicide and depression. Depreicide is a portmanteau derived to elucidate depression/suicide. He continued, depreicide is a condition that initially involves froth depression, which can replicate it’s self into acute sadness and maybe later suicide. Not all depressed person dies by suicide. Always check on friends and loved ones to know their challenges, weaknesses, ups and downs; because a simple depression can lead to suicide. However, mind your words, utterances, reactions and interlocution during your daily interference with people, because a stern insult can begat glum and possibly suicide without your knowledge.

It’s natural to feel some sort of glum at times in life; pique feelings as resultants of loss of relationship, failure to achieve a goal, death of a loved one, being a victim of extortion or an unexpected disappointment. All these incidents can leave one gloomy. Most at times people experience melancholy without any known physical reason, such maybe a sudden shift in consciousness. The basic difference between normal sadness and depreicide is that, while ordinary depression waves the emotion as mixed feelings and go away, depreicide includes a more lengthy moments of unhappiness, feelings of despair and momentary desire to discontinue with life. Often depressed people usually don’t excel to maximum expectation. Life is simple, give hope to a pal switching the frequency of his feelings to depreicide and save a life.

Suicide is an intentional killing of oneself. Is to kill yourself by yourself. Sometimes the victim does it in oblivion, unconsciously wishing to escape a particular emotional or physical trauma. This practice has left tears, regret and everlasting scar on history and the mind of friends and family. Please deviate from it. Depression is one of the common cause of suicide, when depression caused the suicidal action, we term it depreicide.

Most times a victim of depreicide is filled with certain emotional pain that he sees only suicide as only solution to be set free. Some people who where rescued from making the attempt appreciate life—more better than ever.
They usually talk about it to someone they confide in—if you happen to be the one, don’t overlook such threat talk of suicide as ordinary, take it serious as he/she might have being researching about how to end there life. Some individuals feel so hopeless that they are strictly single minded about killing themselves. While others are willing to deviate from the act if someone interfere positively. So if you notice any signs that someone is thinking about harming themselves, please offer a helping hand.


There are several causes of depreicide—but I will tell you the few most common ones.

1.) Hopelessness about the future:
Some people have tried their best to secure a better future, but all efforts seems effortless. This can lead to frustration that triggers melancholy.

2.) Dissappointment and debts: Unexpected dissappointment, pending legal case, and financial problem can lead to severe glum too.

3.) Inbred factor:
Many human beings are regularly depressed because they inherited it from parents. One with history of suicide in family or community.

4.) Major loss:
Major loss such as death if a loved one, loss of relationship, or a job.
Such major loss can be quite painful and disstabilizing. Losing a dear relationship can lead to psychological trauma, especially the one you have invested so much in. A sudden/unexpected dismissal or sack from job, can be followed by a massive imbalance, soliloquy, and bankruptcy. The frustrating mood can deviate a sane mind into depreicide.
Take it not for granted to comfort a friend who just experienced a major loss.

5.) Victim of Extortion:
Being defrauded is one of the causes of depreicide for ages now. It’s quite difficult to make money and when fraudster would do away with the little one gathered it’s frustrating. Encourage one whom has been a victim of extortion to prevent suicide.

6.) Academic Failure:
Being expelled from an institution, withdrawal for academic failure, and academic setback can cause fluctuation of moods suicidal thoughts.

7.) Feeling of insecurity:
There are people who always feels that others don’t like them, and are planning to kill them, that’s a psychological condition. This leads to worries and more of unrealistic ideas without a supporting proof. When such people complains bitterly about people to you, always teach them love and make them understand that they are not hated rather.

8.) Cultural and religious beliefs supporting suicide: There are belief that teaches that suicide is a noble resolution of a personal dilemma, and one who commits suicide has a reward in heaven. Such ethics has lead several generation into early grave. Be aware.

9.) Alcohol and drug abuse: Most people who commits suicide does so under the influence of drugs/alcohol, as this can lower inhibitions and increase impulsiveness. Some would act recklessly by driving drunk. This slugs the suicider into oblivion to aid participation in the sad deed.

10.) Uncontrolled access to suicide means:
Some people who commits suicide never had the thought, nor plan to do so, but because of uncontrolled access to means of suicide like gun, a quantity of pills, heights, etc. They are tempted to be a victim.


The thoughts of depreicide is concieved in a moment in time. And with close observation, you can spot the one who’s gradually feeling hopeless. Counsel them and follow suite with some kind gestures. Below are few signs that one is welcoming suicide via depression.

1.) Fluctuating mood:
Depression leading to suicide is a gradual process, when the chaos is taking shape, the individual lost interest in virtually all social activities in the immediate environment. Mood swings, like acute sadness mixed with aggression: and could suddenly turn calm once they’ve concieved the idea to eliminate the pain with suicide.

2.) Feelings of fatigue:
Wistful people always feel exhausted for no reason, even if they ate recently, because of there non directed pschic energy—casting there mind on problems, and thereby replicating it; such wasting of the mind quantum energy keeps the individual always exhausted and weak.

3.) Change in appetite:
A distraught fellow may experience decrease or increase in appetite with corresponding weight. Most distressed people experience loss of appetite, and loss of weight, while others experience increase demand for food.

4.) Less or more sleep: Extemely unhappy people have change in sleep pattern, with either too much or too little sleep than usual; the person may wake up late night or very early morning and would not sleep again till dawn, this usually leads to restlessness and high blood pressure.

5.) Lack of concentration:
One operating with low morale experiences swift memory lost,
and difficulties in concentration followed by inability to visualize a happy future.

6.) Tearfulness:
Observe the individual who frequently bursts into tears over common things, that person always reflect back to past images or events that keep them lamenting. Encourage them to live in the moment and not the past. Because such attitude is a brief symptom of depreicide.

7.) Suicide discussion:
One of the glaring symptom of depreicide is the person who regularly discuss about not existing again. He/she talks about intentional killing of oneself as if nothing is wrong with it. Sometimes, they say “those who talks about committing suicide don’t indulge in it”. But there are several depreicide done after some suicide notes, social media posts, and talks with people. Please if any one communicate with you about solving his/her problem with suicide, don’t hesitate to change there mindset by offering counter advise immediately.

8.) Zero interest in sex:
The suicide planner at a point becomes asocial, including sexual intercourse. He neither sees sex as fun nor sin, but he no longer find pleasure in life. This is different from being celibate. He may decide to deliberately partake in insecure sexual activity as a rather suicidal plea.

9.) Exaggerated guiltiness and isolation:
Check out for that buddy who suddenly start having a long lasting regret, self blame, and exaggerated guiltiness. Especially when he isolates himself by avoiding close friends and family, become antisocial and feel they are burden to others.


Managing depreicide involves counselings that prevents the suspected victim from indulging in the sad act. It also go a long way clearing you mind of negative thoughts.  Watching comedy clips can fill your mind with joy, and bring happiness to shine the light of love over the darkness in sorrow. When you find out someone who talks about committing suicide often, or display the above mentioned symptoms of depreicide, don’t take such signs for granted, tell friends and family to provide there support if the case is still mild. If the condition is severe, seek the aid of a mental health professional such as a psyco-therapist, psychiatrist, or a clinical psychologist. A general physician or a religious counselor may also be consulted.

If you meet the person trying to indulge in the action, try your possible best to prevent him/her from killing themselves. Reason is, that person will appreciate life ever than before, if could be rescued from committing suicide. Keep watching out for loved ones for symptoms of depreicide, and save a life.
Be Aware…

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