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Domestic Violence had lead to death, injuries, broken homes, and divorce. However, be brave of your reactions toward your partner when you hear a negative vibe, or concieve odd suggestions about them. It usually comes up as a result of acute misunderstanding between couples, relatives, friends etc, beyond reconciliation. It starts with quarrelling, taking advantage of situations, rude talks, and end with fights, deliberate hurting the other person, probably divorce or maybe death. I present this awareness piece to awaken your subconscious mind toward the perception and control of  domestic violence such as sexual abuse, force child marriage, uncontrolled fury, destruction  of assets and it’s other diverse forms

When you hear domestic violence, what comes to your mind first is a momentary abuse from one partner in a union to the other. But in real domestic setting, this may also refer to an uncontrollable unleashing of anger on pets, assets, children, parents or a senior person.

The picture below shows a man who’s unleashing anger on his partner.

Various Forms of Domestic Violence

Homely wildness takes several forms in the course of expressing it’s fury. A parallel model may include physical fights, verbal disdain, emotional inbalance, social conflict, and sexual abuse. Few other variety include insidiously compelled rape, and assailant activities such as choking to death or coma, beating, genital mutilation, spillage of acid on partner, stoning someone to death, burning alive, shooting, speaking to a senior person rudely, and destroying of assets.

Causes of Domestic Violence

Most common causes are misunderstanding, bankruptcy, frustration, mental disorder, depression, arguments, disrespect, and premature autocracy. Few other causes which  may lead someone to being a victim of domestic abuse include someone being cajoled by force, hypnotized by the abuser, rape caused by greedy expectations, lack of confidence, fear and shame to expose the abuser or keeping them  secret to protect a reputation.

Effects of Domestic Violence on an Individual

As result of abuse, victims may experience physical disabilities such as bruises, hurting of organs, uncontrolled aggression, chronic health problems such as infections, mental disorder  when recalling the  trauma of abuse, bankruptcy resulting from being attacked, and poor ability to create healthy relationships while trying to protect your peace.

A purple ribbon is used to denote family awareness of the possible harm that can be mooted by domestic violence.

Sometimes, the primary victims of domestic violence is women. Though anyone can be a potential insinuator or victim of domestic violence. Women commonly indulge in hurting their intimate partner as a means to serve as self-defense. I logically studied the common causes of domestic violence in relationship; after listening to the case of few couples, and history in general, i came to understand that infidelity is directly or indirectly behind break up and divorce of most homes which ended violently. Many violent killing of partners in relationship and marriage is usually a result of deviating from the right process of chastity and unnecessary exposure to fornication/adultery.  I recommend chastity over cheating as a primary solution to prevent domestic violence. Infidelity transforms it’s characteristics to lying, keeping secrets, running a third party relationship, regular quarrels, lack of trust and having misunderstanding as major barrier in  relationship.

Both men and women can be found in this category.

Below  is a video of a man beating his spouse to stupor.

The probability of the occurrence of violence is very nigh in every events in all space. Anybody can be a victim  of circumstances, but trust me, you can change your state of mind, control your actions toward unnecessary desires and present the olive branch.  Understanding your partner directly, plays a better role to maintain peace at home.

Abusers and victims at times are unconscious of there situation maybe until things are out of control. Think ahead, know the cost of your actions.

Children who live in a household with violence often show psychological problems from an early age, such as isolation from mates, hyperactive vigilance to threats, and unregulated aggression and depression.

The video below shows a youth unleashing aggresion on assets.

Sometimes when one is abused, he/she finds it difficult to opt out of the hellish situation. But recognizing your right is the first awareness. You may report to a trusted friend, a family member, legal advisor, the police or keep it to yourself and make an escape plan.

Gain liberty from domestic violence today.

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