Effect Of Phone Radiation On Fecundity


Exploring the use of electromagnetic field has left million of it’s wave particles projected into the  ether of the earth. This results to quick aging, tiredness, and minor harms to our organs. Every technology has it’s application and implications; mobile phone is not an exception though.
Only few people are aware, of the negative effect of the mobile phone radiation on the reproductive system, and other vital organs of the body. According to research from National Cancer Institute, the amplitude of electromagnetic field from mobile phone is carcinogenic and could impede fecundity.

From Research Journal of Medicine and Medical Sciences on a research conducted on The Adverse Effects of Mobile Phone Radiation on Some Visceral Organs. It was discovered that, mobile phones emits up to 900Mhz of electromagnetic wave, this emitted energy can be absorbed by various body organs according to where the phone was carried. Exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from mobile phone, can cause detrimental effects on cell function, chromosomal aberrations and tissue injuries. The wide spread expansion of mobile phones—has lead to widespread concern for safety.

Most of us places our phone for a long period on or very close to sensitive organs such as the brain, penis, vagina, breasts etc. Almost everyone is guilty of this. Your phone is supposed to be placed at least 0.2 to 0.6 inches or approximately 1 inch away from the body to reduce radiation effect. It’s safer in a hand purse than in the side pocket. While some of us place it in breast pocket, and just few sleeps with it under there pillow. Considering the health hazard associated with the emission of EMR at close range to the heart, lungs or brain, it’s wise to keep it a little bit away from sensitive organs. It’s far was better in the back pocket than side pocket.

Mobile phone has become an integral member of our body, but for few coerce reasons, we should minimize the rate of cell phone usage. Pressing the phone too much, can deter a good sleep causing sleeplessness, or tech neck. It’s not advisable to place the phones in the pocket, where it has a direct contact with the region of the prostrate gland, the testis, ovaries, bladder, kidney, brain, lungs and heart. If you must do so, know it now that you are making a suicidal plea. While concentrating on the merit of phone usage, be cautious of the possible demerit alongside.

Despite necessity of the device in daily life, the harmful effects of Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation (RF-EMR), pose a threat to healthy living. Let’s be enlightened about the effects of mobile phone radiation regarding vital organs of the body, and necessary safety precautions.

General Caution:
Wireless phones emits more radiation when there’s poor signal, so avoid using it while in a closed systems such as lifts, elevators, cars, buses, trains or airplanes where there’s limited network.

Also, learn to keep your phones away, when you are doing an exercise.

Stay Safe.

1.) Effect Of Phone Radiation To The Brain:
The World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced that radiation from cell phones can possibly cause brain cancer. According to WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), RF-EMR fields have been classified as possibly carcinogenic, to humans on the basis of an increased risk for brain glioma, that some studies have associated with the use of wireless phones.

Mobile phones emits about 800/900 MHz as referenced by frequency spectrum chart; when you dial a call and place the phone on your ear, the brain senses the electromagnetic waves emitted from the cell phone immediately. However, a long phone conversation placing the phone on the ear is capable of disturbing neural function of the brain, thereby affecting spacial memory operation.

However, if you’re fun of placing cellular phone under your pillow while sleeping, desist from it for that is a doorway to brain cancer. Avoid placing the handset directly on your head while making calls, as this exposes directly expose the brain to EMR. Text instead of calling, use a headset or put the phone on loudspeaker either. Keep the phone away from children: if they must play with the tablet or phone, it should be on airplane mode.

2.) Effect Of Phone Radiation To The Heart/Lungs:
Many people consciously or unconsciously place there phone in the breast pocket. According to mobile phone manufacturers’ guide, the distance between your phone and body contact should be at least 0.2 to 1 inch. Now think twice, if you must place a switched on and transmitt mobile phone on your chest pocket, it should be at least 1 inch away from bodily contact.

According to Dr Peter Libby,  Chief of Cardiovascular medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital Boston in his reply to question on placing mobile phones in chest pocket, he replied, “Cellphone and portable media players do indeed produce measurable electrical and magnetic field. But the strength of this field will not affect ordinary heart rhythm or function, studies suggest”.

Cellular phones have many positive application, therefore common sense should be applied to using it safely. There is a recent claim that, women who stuck there phone in the bra, are prone to breast cancer, and placing phone in chest pocket can lead to heart attack.

Currently, there’s no study that has proven that placing a phone in the chest pocket will damage the heart, lung or breasts, but the negative impact of phone radiation cannot be overestimated. However, to be on a safe edge – don’t place your mobile phone in the breast pocket. If you must do, put it on airplane mode.

3.) Effect of Phone Radiation On Reproductive Organs:
When i conceived the inspiration about the topic of this article, I was directly referring to the effect of irradiation on the reproductive organs.
The testicles and the ovaries, are very sensitive reproductive organs. And are easily impaired when it absorbs EMR. Less cases have been reported of females being affected by this phenomenon, because they always have the phone in their hand bag. From research, men often place a transmitting phone in their side pockets, which could lead to low motility rate in sperm cells.

The use of mobile phones may encumber semen quality and enhance infertility in men. Cell phones irradiation, can negatively affect quality of sperm production by decreasing the semen volume, sperm concentration, sperm count, motility rate and viability, which as such impairs male fecundity.

Avoid placing your phone in the side pockets. The back pocket maybe better sometimes, as the tissues can absorb the heat and minor ions emitted while trancieving.
Finally, it’s healthy to put your phone on airplane mode when not in use, if you must place it very close to the body. Else, carry it in anti radiation phone case, wear anti radiation necklace or carry the phone in a purse.

The image below is a typical anti radiation pendant made of Toumaline that releases negative ion to counter the effect of electromagnetic radiation on our body. It’s of different forms.

Radiation from mobile phone could be dangerous, safety precaution is required to stay safe.
Be aware…

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