Factors That Can Trigger Premarital Sex. Be Wary!


Premarital sex is the act of indulging in sexual intercourse before wedlock. I mean eating the forbidden fruit unripe.

Permit me to transform your
mindset about why and what makes men sniffs you ladies like a wolf, and perch on you like a fly and vise versa. I’m going to be realistic and simple In doing this; so be patient enough to hear me out analytically.
The way and manner some ladies grumbles about how men spin them for sexual relationship astonishes me vehemently.
They fail to understand that you can’t get what you don’t ask for or merit. So for men to gravitate to you deliberately or unintentionally, you must be the one magneting them directly or indirectly.

The question is ” Why always just coitus and no marital intention attached?”. As in Why is it that every guy who
asks you out is always fast to request for sexual intercourse? Why won’t they prefer marital blisss, rather than just a horse ride? Though the world has gone very close to the gate of hell, but the law of attraction has a big role to play in term of what gravitates towards you in accordance to your will.

Here we go !

Girls are always girls and boys are always boys. To the normal girls, the nudity of her fellow lady mean nothing much to her. Because you are used to seeing your own
boobs, bum, pudenda, thighs etc. So it will mean less to you, but to the boys, seeing the hidden parts means the whole world. It means many things, in fact , when a male casts his eyes to the bare body of a damsel, his mind battles with seduction.

This is what I’m saying.

Men can be easily cajoled emotionally by what he sees especially what triggers lust – the passion of the mind. Therefore, when a lady puts on a dress that exposes her sexuality, e.g dress that shows the cleaves of the boobs, tight clothing showing the booty curves, mini or micro mini skirts labelling the thighs/ hot legs, and the sleeveless showing the shaved or unshaven armpit; once a man sees this, the abundance of his heart interprets her as being promiscous.He goes wild and run outta control, and loose alignment. Now the only verse that reads in his mind is mechanical fornication/adultery. Don’t be decieved, 70% of the the men that will ask you out when you dress like this wants to eat the forbidden fruit with you.

I’m not a counselor, but would love to advise you to mind the way you dress, as you mustn’t indulge in sexual explicit to look attractive enough to gain the heart of a man. Rather looking too sexy, defines you to be a hoodrat. You will still be admired by the heart of man who loves you, when you dress decent. Beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder.Take note.

You can’t reap where you didn’t sow, if you are doing so you are a thief. Because only thieves dream to achieve from where they didn’t sow. By the time, that young man showers you with money and gifts, his mind tells him that he’s sowing a seed. He let’s it germinate be ready to reap it someday. So it wonders me when a sister will complain of rape from a man whom she has collected much doe and goodies.

It’s simple logic, give and receive. As he loyally proffers solutions to your needs from his hard earnings, definitely he expects your loyalty too. Or did you think he’s father Christmas? So be careful of how you accept gifts from men who claims to be kind, especially the younger girls to an older kind man. Before you will eat that chicken and be puked a vulture from the belle of the beast. Be contented with what your parents provides, because expectations is the beginning of the road to being used.

A physical body contact with a gender of the opposite sex (female) can excite and ignite lust in the aura of the sexually immature young man.
Touching, hugging, pecking are the fuel that if introduced into the combustion chamber of the average carnal minded man like me, would form an air-fuel mixture that can burn and let the flame of lust drive the shaft of mechanical fornication/adultery.
Caution: If you initiate touching body like, peck, and hugs do so lightly so as not to end up initiating a sexual drive.

Take note

Many youths are fond of throwing pet names to their peers like Hello darling!, How are you honey?, Missed you sweetie!, Thanks love etc. Calling a guy friend pet names as such, can quickly awake his stimuli sending a message of fondling, caress, and sexual intercourse through his nervous system to his carnal brain. And he would begin to get attached, and very soon the damn bloke will demand for a practical class. Don’t be surprised, you triggered it. And he end up misinterpreting you, because it’s easier to misunderstand than to properly understand.

In conclusion, call that dude by his name. He merits no pet name, if he tries to pull your legs with pet names, make it clear to him the difference between alphabet O and the number 0. Though they look similar but not the same.

If someone looks good by dressing well or statue, there’s nothing wrong with complimenting the individual – like “you look good today!”. But when you make it a culture, you become a fresh meat, while that dude becomes a vulture.

Speaking from experience, a guy can easily slum into emotional chaos from what he hears from a lady. This shouldn’t lead a fracas,
you can compliment the opposite sex if you wish, but be discreet
and casual about it. Going extreme like telling a guy shit like “Whao! You look good buddy, I like your body build up – the muscle on your arms can drive any lady go crazy”. Or shit like ” You dress so cute, and look sweet enough to snatch a girlfriend from someone”. Such excited speech is indirectly telling him you are interested in a bed play.
Believe me. So like I told you, be brief about complimenting the opposite gender. Or else it’s not necessary if he looks good is his duty to do so. It’s not compulsory he must be reminded.


I never wanted to talk about this, but after a deep thought, I saw it as an important factor to talk about. Because your posts on social media to the public tells a lot about you.

When I see some posts of ladies
on facebook, I wonder what really is her intention for doing that.
Why turn your buttock to the
Why protrude your chest to the camera? If not the art of seduction. Lust calls for lust, and anyone who sees this shit would immediately categorize you to the whore class.

Be mindful of the kind of pictures you paste on social media.

Going to the house or hotel room of a man alone is herald of you accepting his sexual obligations and being ready to feast together with him in the garden of Eden. Let me tell you, average man spells coitus is love, while most girls practice love from the abundance of heart. However, visiting a guy alone is temptation that may not be conquered. Avoid the avoidable.

Thanks for learning.

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