Finding The Missing Ribs



A father once told his son, “Son!, be careful of those big tits, ass, and sleek fanny, for this was the cause of the death of most of the legends in the world”, but the neophyte son, sailing in oblivion of his emotions replied, “Thank you daddy for your advice, but I’ve made up my mind to die a legend”. That really sounds funny right?, but it’s not. In the course of searching for the missing ribs, many men slum into the art of womanizing, and face the risk of leading a porous sexuality, maybe there ends their life career. Don’t add womanizing to your struggle, for this may slow your blessings. Chase a cheque, never chase a bitch.

Since Adam went into a deep sober, and his rib bone was removed, there was no history that it was returned back to his body. Rather it was used to create another human, the woman. That rib remained external and randomly placed all over the world for those who needs that emotional and physical gratification. It’s now the task of the man to find his missing rib from amidst the many woman on the earth planet.

To find the missing rib is a task of everyman searching for a life partner; discovering the rib is another difficult task, then keeping the found rib is the primary duty of man to fulfil procreation. Relating this fiction to reality, is filling the gap between bachelorhood and marriage.

The male figure roams the adventure island of real life, searching for a perfect match for a life partner. Sometimes, this ends like the prediction of a football game. You may desire for a glittering gold, maybe after discovering, not all what glitters are gold, it may be more safe to settle down with a silver or bronze rather. Other times, you may be left with no option than a wood, and you find yourself eating with the golden spoon.

Don’t be forced to pick a bone that was not missing from your ribs, out of consideration for wealth, pity, beauty, oppression, or just because you see others doing it. But choose a lover, due to matched character comparability, and unconditional love. Let’s fine tune our mind about finding the missing rib.

1.) Making A Friend:
The multitude of maidens, is like an ocean without a shore. The beautiful ones are not yet born. The first step a lad could take to rapidly surf for his right match among them, is to follow your mind, and choose that beautiful creature as a beholder. It usually start from friendship.

Hey young bloke! if you are finding your missing rib, clear your head of lust, and sex. Make a female friend on a neutral ground, keep your eyes on her, then try to build trust, and love. The spirit of love is watching out for you.

2.) Niceness:
Congratulations! You just had a girlfriend. Don’t forget, ladies love to be showed some kindness. Don’t be greedy now, open your wallets slightly, give her some nice treats and keep your eyes on her. Admire her smiles, cuddle, and hug her tight. Give yourselves good pet names, caress and romance if you can. Then keep a watch on her directly or indirectly.

3.) Test:
When you give the baby girl all she wants in accordance to her will, you will never know her true character. It’s quite efficient to indulge in some argument, so you disagree to agree and set some boundaries.
Now you can go ahead, and check how she will behave if she request from you, and you ain’t able to assist. Lots of quarell awaits you here, but ensure you reconcile as soon as possible. Else the relationship will die from such pretence and lack of communication.

No woman is perfect, so don’t fail to caution her when she goes wrong, but don’t nag. This is how you can refine her, and calibrate even a miss left to a miss right. This is the stage that most friendship ends, If the relationship survives this level, then you can opt in for further character learning and customization.

4.) Courtship:
Courtship is where the main thing starts; where trust plays an intermittent role with love. Here’s the channel that fence between boys and men. Some boys will become men after now. This is the stage of relationship where you simulate marriage. Most people spend so much time here, until the relationship becomes boring.

Some dudes will say they are still tasting the woman, is she a soup?
I’ve heard of people who have spent ten years in courtship, what are you courting for that long? Courtship is a stage you pass through, while finding the missing rib, is not the final destination. I don’t usually encourage people to date for too long, but you may have your reasons. You have to graduate from courtship, is a must don’t forget.

5.) Marriage:
When a relationship advances from courtship, marriage is the next and final stage. Is the institution you get the certificate before starting the session, here there is no graduation to anywhere else, except death do us part. It’s for better, for worse. Making up mind to marry, means you have found the missing rib. This is why you need a careful selection of the individual you run this life long race with. Next is fixing it back to the rib cage, from where it was removed.
Don’t worry, you need no surgery to do that, all you need is crown your desire via the marriage ceremony and let God handle the rest.

You also need to know the secret of sustaining a life long lasting marriage, because being enlightened about marriage will keep you fore armed. You must be able to tolerate the folly of a woman to count yourself a worthy hubby. Don’t beat your wife, avoid domestic violence, you must have learned this in courtship. To those who scaled to this stage of finding the missing rib, congratulations: welcome to married life. Wish you blissful union without divorces, now and forever more.

Note: You mustn’t marry a mate in accordance with the will of others, people’s opinion may not always favor you. Marry the one who’s madness and folly blends with yours. You mustn’t be very rich to do that. She mustn’t be too beautiful to be qualified. Just pray, read the signs and follow your mind.

Thank you for enlightening yourself why it’s necessary to search for the missing ribs. It’s cool to get married, get married soon buddy!.

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