Habits To Avoid Before Sex


Sexual intercourse should be done by an act of indulgence and not compulsion. For that reason, a conscious preparation should be made to keep it fresh and entertaining. There are certain habits that if enforced, will foster a lot of inconvenience, discomfort and be a barrier to enjoying the mutual bliss.
Here we go!

Many are foodies, and become a full time gourmandizer when expecting to carry out tedious tasks. Same mindset goes with them concerning sexercise; they prepare for sex as if they are getting ready to uproot a palm-tree stump. They will be overfed and end up getting choked up, which is not supposed to be so.

Consuming excess food, sipping energy drinks, and gulping other form of concoction prior to foreplay is not a good habit. Many believe in the fallacy that, it reserves energy to do the bed work. But in the real sense, guzzling before coition takes away the strength. To give out your best, it’s good to ingest at least two to three hours before the sex intended arousal. This gives chance to the food to be properly converted and absorbed by the body.
Instead, if you feel hungry prior to dance, fix up your appetite with snacks, or other light food — this will enhance better performance. Avoid full stomach feeding and heavy food prior to sex.

Shaving the pubic region is believed by many, to make you look neat before your partner. It actually eliminate the natural human smell, which does not smell pleasantly at times. But come to talk of the fact, it’s not hygienic enough to shave before sex. Reason being that, the hair pores open during shaving, and when this is added to skin friction, as such encountered during genital-genital sexual contact — leaves the body prone to infections. It also irritate the affected skin. If you must shave, it should be at least twelve hours before the main activity, so as to permit the shaved region to be healed.

Smoking causes constrictions to the veins and arteries; and as such could restrict the normal rate of blood flow to the Penis in men. This habit is more a suicidal plea, as it affects vital organs such as the heart, lungs and kidney. There are stories of men kicking the bucket during sex, because of excess smoking before sex. To enjoy sexuality legitimately, I mean the married people; you need a sound mind in a sound body.
Avoid smoking before sex – it hampers sexual competence.

Except the disadvantages of smoking as regards it’s effect on the heart, lungs etc, it deliberately leads to inclination of sexual accomplishment. Smoking decoct libido and lowers the sex hormones’ level. This can affect fecundity and sexual uprightness.

Masturbation is fucking yourself by yourself. Most individuals prefer to personally stimulate themselves than engaging, in sexuality with a partner. The fap is actually addictive, and has a lot of negative side effects.

Assumptions has been made that if you jerk-off and cum prior to intercourse, it extends duration of bed play as the second round will tend to last longer. Regard the demerit hereto; this could lead to weak erection, and loss of sex drive/interest when is actual time for intercourse with a partner.
Ultimately, one can maintain healthy sexuality, via healthy lifestyle, wanking takes away the vim.


It’s health wise to to be safety conscious of the manner and way you practice the dance. Porous sexuality includes, having sex without condom,  oral sex, anal sex, and keeping multiple partners. Practice safe sex so as not let the few minutes of pleasure, renders a lifetime of sorrow.

In conclusion, to sustain an evincing sexual health, do exercise, eat fruits, vegetables,  and rich meals. Sexual stimulation is emotional, and your mindset has a big role to play, offsetting your mind from bonk during the exercise can keep you enjoying it.

Maintain healthy sexuality.


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