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Love is sweet; but when it’s sauced with money, it’s sweeter. It’s rare these days to see ladies accepting to opt into a relationship, without first analysing the financial background of the suitor. Money solves your problems; a relationship without a monetary backup, looks like a letter without an address. I’ve seen ladies disintegrate a relationship with a broke guy, as to join up with a full pocket spender. It happens all the time.

I’ve asked this question time without number, on different social media platforms and came up with different views. “Will you marry for love or for money”. Most people said love, others said money, and the center rank people said love and money, but the percentage of those who comment money is more. But let’s be frank, nobody stays in a relationship or marriage this days, just for the sake of love alone. The lady’s eyes must be directly or indirectly be viewing existing or upcoming wealth. That’s the reason when you newly want to ask out a girl – she won’t fail to ask you this question, “what’s your occupation?”, She’s trying to be sure the cash is there. She’s that smart.

Application Of Money And Love In A Union.

The application of money in running the affairs – of a relationship or marriage cannot be overemphasized. In fact, love will have no root if money is isolated. It would be like isolating heat or oxygen from a fire. You can simulate it this way, have a new girlfriend. And monitor her attitude, no matter how gentle is she, she will soon be requesting for financial aids; when she requests – give her, then other times she would ask – don’t give her, then compare her behavior when you solved her problem and when you didn’t. Did you try that?

1.) Money:
After jealousy which serves as an element that seals the boundary of a union from invaders, the next frequent chief share holder is money. These two factors works together, to keep the security of relationships intact. Money and jealousy, frequently excite quarrel and separation to ongoing relationships. Money is power, security, and social life enhancer – it combusts lust desire into pure flame of love and happiness.

Even your wife at home, if you don’t imburse her regularly, an unending quarrel will breakout, and divorce will be smelling in the air. For this reason, it’s advisable that before igniting a relationship, at least have good source of income. For the lack of financial certainty is the beginning of marriage/relationship breakdown.

Most girls who are handling multiple relationships, do so because they need casual monetary donation from the several partners. Can you now imagine the huge impact of cash or digital credit, in expressing kindness and maintaining a joyful relationship? Don’t joke with it.

During the early stages of a relationship, most partners desist from having deep conversation about money; because they see it like being money conscious, so they assume it could lead to bridge of trust. But as the friendship gets matured, when kindness in it’s true light is realised to evolve round the circle of debit and credit. Spendings comes to stay, and then become a member of the set. Do you now understand why it’s necessary – to have financial plan with your partner? Maybe a joint account can serve.

Traditional gender roles plays it’s part in who should do the much spendings though, mostly the man bears more responsibility. And when the woman happens to be earning more, I see nothing wrong with if she carters for the bigger part of the bills too. A woman that is not working can live with a working class man for years peacefully, but on the other hand, if a man is jobless for few months, the whole neighbors will be aware, through quarrels that will set in.
Did you understand that?

Especially ladies, if you have a higher income than your partner, that shouldn’t be an edge to enslave or contempt him, the table may also turn around. Creativity plays a large role concerning how extravagant or economical one is, in term of spending. There are Slay Queens everywhere who just want to harvest from your pocket. Most people love your money and not you, so spend wisely.

2.) Love:
I was almost convinced that true love doesn’t exist. Because i observed that, what makes people loyal in a relationship mostly is the financial status of either the man or the woman. Not until I found true unconditional love. This is a rare breed like a white horse.

True love can form the foundation on which a  life long lasting marriage lies. Therefore, when searching for your missing ribs, choose the one who loves you more. That is the herald of the one you where searching for. Love builds trust, it’s sweet to sail the ocean of love. It’s good to love and be loved. But it’s difficult to locate someone who has true love in the heart. What’s always available is gold diggers. Shine your eyes.

Intimacy, ecstasy and passion can be quite blissful if crowned and fenced with finances. Money represents the outcome of your sweat, life force, energy and time.
Most people do something strange for the money, others sex for money. But where real love exists, money is not a priority, It gravitates naturally. When love is absent, the money spent on the member of the opposite sex, seems to me like it was stolen from me.

The love game constitutes both physical and emotional gratification. Settling the both will go a long way securing a companion. Before you will conclude that you are in love, know who you are, who your partner is; what you want, where you are and where you are heading. Before a gold digger will have a toll free around your emotions and break your heart. The gap minimizes when the barriers in relationship is placed under control; you can hit this target, by creating a path consisting a workable plan that can intersect love, and money in a union.

Love and money are interconnected.
Be Aware.

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