Operating The Mumu Button


A Mumu Button is a push to start button, that women presses on there partner (husband, boyfriend, fiancee, concubine etc.); Such that when operated, the man in target becomes a dunce, manipulated and grants her whatever she demands. It’s indeed a manipulative remote button.

Mumu button has a test switch for test run, ones the test run is done and operation is successful, the circuit is complete and ready to operate. After a lady experiment coitus with a man for several times, she will try the test button first.

You would be surprised, a girl that use to approach the man with due respect and caution: after such rough surface foreplay, and an argument set in. She will command him as such, “my friend, keep quiet and sit down”. At this point, If you keep quiet and did not sit down, one circuit is active which lead you to keep quiet. If you sit down and still talking, the circuit is partially working, which she would later review for hundred percent efficiency. But if after she utter the word of command, and you humbly sit down and keep quiet; then the test switch to mumu button is working perfectly. Consider yourself a play toy for that lady.

A successful Mumu button operator is called a Boss Lady, because she take over the steering at success.
She would immediately open a Bear-Bear Bank on your head; bear-bear bank is a bottomless pit of desires, and wishes whereby when one is fulfilled, another one is born. Followed by a pool of black lies in white presentation.
Ladies always look for the Mumu Button on there partner. As in, that which if is done, will give her the license to present those unusual To-do list to the Mugu to  attend to all. By the way no man is Mugu, a Mugu is he who’s in the armpit of a Boss Lady, she usually calibrate him to the frequency of mumu she desires. She would be very observant to know if food, sex, fake humility, touching some parts of the body, talkiing with a special voice, shedding tears or knowing a secret information about you would serve as the password to the mumu button.
Once that is achieved, she will autorun the test switch and continue to enjoy her mumu man.

From research, every man has the button; almost eighty five percent of men have it active, such  that when a lady push to test, he lost control and respond as per lightning. Only few of us have sealed the attachment point of the golden button, with welded joints to make it inaccessible. This is not a joke, many men has bought cars, houses, jets, have broken homes, or even kill another man/woman just to please their boss lady.

You cannot advise a man possessed by the boss lady charm. He sees himself to be doing the right thing. But only an external mirroring effect can review the offset. When a man begin to isolate himself, or quarrel other noble men or friends to please a stranger girl, just understand she has started emitting a very high frequency signal to his mumu button. She did to him some strong things. Again, if a man is drowning in bear-bear bank, we say he Chop Ataya, we use to try waking them up with a hot dirty slap. A married man, who’s mumu button is discovered by his concobine can start beating his wife, pack out her belongings, and even intend to divorce her. He may even bring home the cloned lover, and if his spouse catches them, he will join her to fight his wife.

I came, I saw the Mugu who Chop Ataya from the Boss Lady, and I giggled. Some pals who know not the reason for my titter, joined the cachinnation. Other buddies and fam, who did not even witness my cackle, joined up the compilation queue of thousand laugh. If you know that the position of your Mumu button is accessible, do well to handover the password to a loved and trusted one. Or consider yourself a Mugu, if one who will take advantage of it should spot the coordinate of your mumu button on her map.

Don’t add womanizing to your hustle, for this may slow down your blessings.

One man, one woman.

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