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From whence the international networking (internet) system finds it’s way to the doorstep of everybody; and make it easier for individuals to access  the internet conveniently, the desire to socialise globally has been a goal.
This set goal has come true, via programmings of social network applications such as facebook, 2go, inmessage, badoo, whatsapp, etc. Aside the above mentioned, there are several websites and applications designed for online dating.

However, the online lover is a person with whom you share affections, ideas, and frequently communicate via chat, internet voice/video calls, and e-mail, even without seeing each other physically. International networking, aims at creating a global community where people from all corners of the world, different race and culture, can access each other, become friends or even lovers. We call it internet relationship. It’s usually a mixture of love and money, unlike the normal physical relationship.

Internet relationship, is a union that exists between individuals who contacted themselves online, and probably haven’t met physically. Most at times, the relationship exists only on the Internet platform. It involves frequent communication, sharing emotional feelings, chats, attending to each other’s needs, similar to a pen pal relationship. The relationship goal is sometimes marriage, or just friends with benefit. Online love can be quite fun, lively and romantic. Just that it requires enough time to pass the test of trust, in other to be fully set to be referred to as a relationship. People still build trust, network business affairs, and develop real love from meeting online.

All positive dreams, always have that possibility of deviating from the actual goal, losing focus, and crashing into the den of wild thoughts, that rages from negative minded people, with the vision to adulterate the original goal. Due to the irrational nature of man, internet relationship has been hijacked by dubious fellows and render the supposed rose bed, thorns and pine bed, encompassing fraudulent networking, making tears flow out of disappointment, bridge of trust, and regret.

Relating this to reality; as i said before, most online love leads to a real time shield whereby unknown people of different race of life, meets online, study themselves, share love, meet physically and make a home. A friend, called Nicholas from Nigeria, met a lover online, Akina from Texas, they started a friendship, nursed their affections, and succeeded in becoming good companion. By the power of love, Akina and Nicholas have made a beautiful family today. That’s a real positive application of Internet relationship.

Highlighting the implication of fostering reliance, on professed love from an online lover. There are charlatans every where, wandering about searching for feeble minded ones to cajole. They have strategized game plan, that works both as a bait and swindle. Be Aware.

A certain 48 years old Miss Rose from Mexico, had a Philippine online lover Billy. Billy was in his early 20s. Rose is a divorcee, and was playing the role of a sugar mummy in the relationship. She had so much confidence in him, without knowing that Billy, is a professional charlatan – who specializes in presenting fake love for money, and giving of false hope, to ladies that becomes his victim. He ensnared Rose with sugar coated tongue, promising to marry her again. After the long run, he wheedled her to be sending him money, and finally swindled her savings to bankruptcy. After which Billy isolated communication with Rose. Out of depression, Rose drank some toxic substance and committed suicide. What a heartbreak.

Having an online lover is cool, not until you realize that the person with female display picture that you love so much and planning to take to the alter, is a man remoting you from backstage. I won’t advice you to disintegrate from your online relationship, or desist from socializing that way. But I must remind you that 90% of those running online union are scammers.

Be Aware.

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