Positive Use Of Water Therapy


Positive Use Of Water Therapy

I indited this piece to emphasize on the use of water as a remedy to attain wellness. Water is very important to healthy living, but many don’t understand. The health benefits of drinking clean water cannot be overstated.
Is a natural fluid that can be used to replenish our thirst and hydrate the body. Drinking treated water is better than gulping any mixture you can ever think of, as it aids digestion and wade off toxins from the body. I emphasize on clean or treated water because, a bad water will not fail to infect you with water borne diseases such as typhoid, cholera etc. If you don’t have access to treated water you can boil the conventional water you have for use.

Water Therapy Theory and Practice

This easy to do habit, can shield you from several illnesses, and eminently improve your health.
Water Therapy entails drinking a good quantity of clean water every day.
Water makes up about three-quarters of our body composition, and thus plays important functions in keeping our body fit. However, it’s an utmost assiduity to always renew our body with water.

Here is the secret, it involves drinking at least two to three glasses of warm or room temperature water when you wake up, in the morning before brushing your teeth and don’t eat anything for about forty-five five minutes thereafter. Later on, you can brush, and continue with your normal daylife. Consuming more treated water, whenever you are thirsty, to constitute three to four litre per day is okay. Drink a moderate amount of water, and let it not be excess.

Health Benefits of Practicing Water Therapy

Practicing the above procedures for water therapy, you can get rid of migraines, allergies, free radicals, indigestion, improve metabolism and many other health benefits. Below is few health benefits obtainable from dialy practice of water therapy daily.

1.) Detoxifier

Practicing water therapy detoxifies the body, by washing down toxic substances during catabolism. Water improves kidney functions via dissolving toxins, and enabling easier breakdown of food substances. Regular water consumption also balances the body’s pH value and reduce acne/blemishes on the skin.

To drink enough water before bedtime is okay, just that it will make you urinate one or two times before morning.

2.) Bowel Costiveness

Water therapy aids indigestion. When water is introduced to the food we consume at the appropriate quality, it enhances digestion and enable the stomach to absorb the nutrients appropriately. This leads to easy bowel movement, thereby preventing bloating and constipation. Water therapy helps in flushing the gastrointestinal tract, cleaning the digestive system of toxins, and preparing it for the next phase of consumption.

3.) Prevents dehydration

Dehydration is loss of water content in the body. This can lead to many complex symptoms. Water therapy helps in preventing dessication, improving good health and well-being. It also, aid in staying energized throughout the day by maintaining the body water reserve. When your urine is yellowish, it’s a popular symptom of dehydration. To remain hydrated, drink water whenever your urine indicates, and thirsty.


In conclusion, when you perform water therapy, you must remember to consume enough water during the day.
You will soon start to notice the wonderful effect of water therapy. Your epidermis skin will begin to feel fresh and healthy. While your digestive functions will improve and keep you energized all day long.
Maintain a healthy lifestyle, practice water therapy today and everyday.

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