Reasons Why Ladies Give Their Boyfriends Red Card


Ladies are virtually, hypersensitive emotionally. So any little deviation can cause a great change in depreciation or expansion of feelings, attachment or detachment. So don’t be surprised if a particular girl will quit you for someone else. Because some guys are nice, patient and capable of turning on a lady beyond control.

In conclusion, when a girl is crazy for you, don’t pray she gets well because when she realized she was a fool, it means someone else is taking better care of her.
There are several reasons why a lady will give you red card. Read them line by line and don’t be surprised when a young lady is suddenly crazy for you, or suddenly blank out, use your tongue to count your teeth.

Some men don’t understand how to be a good companion to a lady. For all they care is to bonk in and jettison out. Social life zero. Ladies love to be given attention and probably some care.
So don’t be surprised if your girlfriend stop having feelings for you, or divert her concentration to someone else. Ask yourself why? And go learn to be a nice man.

The need for a polite behavior cannot be overemphasized in everyday life and relationship at large. To successfully spearhead a companion, a good manner of approach is required. Courtesy is as vital as relationship itself, so when you don’t know how to approach a lady with courtesy, don’t get it twisted when she gives you red card and show green light to someone you are even richer than. Your money may not give you all the Love Visa if you’re not polite in manner.
Be humble enough to go learn courtesy in the cycle of your ego, pride and wealth.

Humility plays a very big role in respecting the right of someone else in any acquaintance. Feeling to be more important than others combined with personal arrogance can terminate your personal status.
Some people are so full of themselves that they can’t even say sorry when they are wrong, or say please when they need something.
Break your wings of ego and lead a more loving relationship.

Being romantic is a vital role gained from experimental acquaintance. And applied in other companion. That is where experience come into play.
Some guys are not romantic & don’t know how to romance a woman to turn her on and move her to the next gear.

Praising a woman by complimenting her and giving pet names is a primary romance. Also, petting your lady by listening to her frivolous complains shows a prove of concern. While curdles, hugs, kisses, and coitus are the secondary romance. So if you lack the creativity of putting these qualities into play, she may soon put you asunder.

Some dudes are type rated liars, they can puke out lies at every point in time wirhwit thinking about it. Starting from their dress – borrowed, borrowed cars, fake houses, brag about assets they don’t have and extend to infidelity.

Every woman feels insecure with an insincere mate. Because it makes her vulnerable to unknown dangers.
You can go away with those black lies, cajole an innocent damsel and full her head with fake promises; but I bet you no secret can be kept forever. Someday she’s going to find out, and I promise you a break up if it’s not too late. Even it’s too late the trust will smolder down.

Lies kills trust, so learn to be truthful for once. Learn to present a bold front, and be humble enough to present yourself the way you are to your woman. Else, that relationship you built on lies will soon crash up.

Most lads are filthy from there clothes neatness, to hidden body parts hygiene. He won’t brush, wash his clothes and undies, shave his armpit/private part, won’t bath, or use a deodorant.
Some guys are dirty; such guys thinks neatness is meant for ladies alone. Such myth must not be condoned or you loose your babes to the neat guys waiting out there.

Unfaithfulness has been the means to the end of several intimate relationships for decades.
Most guys are cheats, just few of them are faithful. The cheat among them believed that it is the right of a man to cheat on their partner. While he can’t bear to see her hug another man not to talk of cheat.

Most ladies don’t like to see their loved ones flirting around other girls. Infidelity can be a serious reason for a lady to discontinue a relationship. So if you are hiding and cheating, do so with caution because the day she catches you red handed, prepare for your red card.

Bad eggs everywhere, gold diggers everywhere wishing to reap from where they didn’t sow.
Some guys are gold diggers, and roam about seeking for a rich lady whom they will depend on.
That is a parasitic trait and irresponsibility. Depending on the wealth of a woman is a temporary slavery. A man can live with a jobless woman, but the whole world will know, if a jobless man stays with a working class lady.

Ladies are guilty of greed most at times, and when she finds out you are a gold digger, she will either convert you to a house boy or give you a straight red card.

Inability to make decisions is a sign of immaturity. No lady would like to continue a relationship with someone who always consult friends and family before being able to know what to do.
Hey dude, go learn how to be in control because that is the basics of fatherhood which you are heading toward.

Foreplay is a primary celebration in relationship. In a situation where by a man cannot sexually satisfy his woman, she may go and anticipate for help and might end end up opting out for good.
So if you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, quick ejaculation or other sexual related weakness as a result of homonal imbalance, it’s advisable you seek Medicare.


Some girls are gold diggers, and they don’t love you for any reason, rather than your money. They continue to be submissive to you as far as the money keep coming to them. If for any reason you go broke or don’t respond to there needs again. She will flag the red tag, “game over”. This category is slay queenThey flush with the money.

So when your girlfriend suddenly blanks out, review the above factors again to know which of them you are lacking.

Be Aware.

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