Resisting Unwanted Sexual Advances From Men


It’s more effective and deceptive, to resist sexual advance in a polite manner. Reason being that, lust can easily be reversed to brutality and quick irk feelings.

As the young damsel grows from adolescent, tending to advance toward maturity; she comes to face several internal and external challenges. The major internal challenges may include adaptation to new changes occurring to the chemistry of her body. While the external challenges are many, starting from social life, through sexual advances from unwanted men, to relationships goals.

A lot of sexual pressure rises from many promiscous men toward her when she’s ripe, and ready to plug. Ranging from close friends, boss at work, road passerby, in religious places, school mates, teachers, those she really likes and those she don’t admire at all. This is unavoidable everyday. Not all these application submitted to her deserves approval.
It’s ethical for men to ask ladies out for a relationship, but it’s quite bizarre for a female , to ask the hand of the male in a relationship.
It’s that natural for the lion to look for the lioness, the he-goat to chase after the she-goat, even the cock runs after the hen, everyday. Same is applicable to humans. In fact, if as a lady and guys ain’t admiring you, you need to ask yourself if you’re getting uglier or something else.

Among the many men coming to ask out the young damsel is the Mr. Right to whom she’s the missing rib, while the remainings may either be victim of uncontrollable lust or probably just pussy hunters. The question is how do you locate that special one and only man? Is she to follow all the men that comes her way, until she finds the right man for herself? NO. This is the reason she needs to create a polite way of resisting the unwanted sexual advances from men.

These disturbances can lead to emotional stress and psychological trauma: It’s quite hectic to cope up with the stress coming from the strain of toasters, but the good news is that, it’s easy to manage it with a matured mind without hurting none.

1.) Other Relationship Excuse:
There are several excuses, that ladies use when trying to ward off unwanted attention. One of the mostly used, is using the excuse of being in other relationship. When a guy presents a sexual advancement which they are not interested in, she would politely say “Sorry, I have a boyfriend.”

Many girls frequently use this excuse, to reject an advancement from a chap they ain’t interested in without thinking about it. It’s an easy, non-threatening and ultimately harmless way, to get out of an uncomfortable situation caused by pesting, from an unliked dude without hurting there feelings.

2.) Indicating No Interest:
Sexual harassment can be overcomed, by making it clear to the man in question, that you are not interested. It shows honesty about the lady’s wish, but most at times when a lady tells a man asking her out that she’s not interested, some men insist on persisting to know her reasons.
But however, if you ain’t interested in wishing to share privacy with any male, it’s cool to say it as it is in your mind without giving further explanation. For those ones that are bold enough, to hold your hand or your waist, be blunt about telling him your are not interested in such play.

3.) Ring Bands:
Most ladies puts on bands of marriage rings on the ring finger or middle finger indicating they are taken, so as to isolate disturbances from other men; because it’s traditional and ethical for men not to desire to copulate another man’s wife or the lady that’s taken. She’s taken so there’s no vacancy for further intrusion. That’s a nice strategy – boom.

4.) Turn Off The Greenlight:
Many a ladies, who pretends not to be interested, in sexual advances projected from a particular guy, still go further showing him green lights. If you must prevent intercourse under durex, or premarital sex, don’t wink, and present other body movements that invites lust to the man’s mind. On a serious note, if you mind your business, and turn off the greenlight, guys will treat you base on how you present yourself.

5.) Resisting Sexual Advances From Your Boss:

  Sexual harassment in work place is a threat that should be frowned at seriously, especially when it comes from the superior to the subordinates. Many has lose their job, simply because they refused to permit the manager, or other people in-charge to sex with them.

Many had lost there virginity to there boss, because they don’t know how to resist his countenances. Many married women sleeps with there boss, simply because they don’t want to loss there job, or penalized unjustly.

Lust reversed is pure hatred. Most at times, if your boss wishes to bang that fluffy hole and you refuse, it usually end with oppression and maybe probably loosing the job.
This are few tips on how to resist that fat headed boss, hmmmm.

a.) Prayer:
The million dollar question is, “How do you resist a sexual advance from your boss?”. Because there’s every possibility that if you refuse , he might get you fired or deny you of several rights.

A friend of mine, let’s call her Benita, she worked as a receptionist under a boss that’s a chronic womanizer. Every woman whom ever worked with him had being preyed under durex, so when they saw Benita newly deployed to work with this fat headed boss, they will yell “Benita, you are finished”. She simply turned off the greenlight , and prayed. She prayed that this man should never lust after her or ask her out for a date, because she will definitely refuse. Lo and behold, all her days as his receptionist, he never had that lust passion to ask her out for a sexercise.

b.) Faking Medical Results:
You won’t understand what it means to resist a sexual advance from that manager, lecturer, proprietor, head of department, commander, etc. You will just look for where to run to , if you don’t give in. A friend of mine revealed to me how she used a fake HIV test, showing her status as positive to wade off her head of department, who was perching around her like flies. And he flee away like a projectile.

6.) Set A Standard:
At workplace and social environment, when you set a standard for yourself, people rarely cross the boundary.
Accepting to be in a relationship should be a voluntary action without durex. However, it’s wise to choose your partners wisely. Be the kind of person, that you want to meet. Even if you are married, and you have a porous sexuality, every fly will still perch on you like a poop. Let co-workers, friends and bosses know your do and don’t. Then learn how to say NO to most of the lust flame emitted into your aura. Same them will recommend you with good remarks when they see you with your beloved.

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