Shaving Before Sex

Shaving pubic hair


Sanitizing the pubic region is a hygienic habit and shouldn’t be overemphasized. Without shaving the area around the genital organs and armpit, it tends to emit it’s natural smell, which is mostly fetid.

However, the decision to be clean-shaven or not is personal, and that means you may not shave at all if you don’t so desire. Many people are never smooth-shaven while others just trim. But if you choose to bald the loins, ensure not to attempt it right before a sexual intercourse. It’s better to clean-shave the lumbar region atlest a day before a sexual activity. This is because, the skin is highly sensitive and prone to ingrown hairs right after shaving; friction against it — as experienced during sex may cause irritation and bumps.

Many people make the mistake of shaving instantly prior to sex, for the reason that it may not look appealing to their partner, or the bushy pubic  make them seem untidy — that not withstanding, one can still be neat with the bushes growing.
From dermatological studies, shaving opens up the small pores in epidermal layer of the skin; so when the pubic hair is shaved immediately before coitus, repeated body contact could inflame the hair follicles around the lumbar region, thereby giving chance to spread/contact of skin infections like rashes, bumps, irritation and sexual transmitted infection (STI) such as staph, strep, & herpes.

In conclusion, It’s not too absurd to find pustules, and other hair follicle inflammation papules, on the cuticle of shaved genital epidermis. Clearing the pubic hair immediately before sex doesn’t improve sexual performance, rather — minor injuries sustained during the process may serve as gateway to summon infections. To be on a safe side, never shave immediately before sexual activities.

Be Clean and Be Safe.

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