Slay Queen – How To Detect Small God With Big God

Slay Queen – How To Detect Small Girl With Big God

You can’t teach a crab to walk straight, same is how you can’t teach a slay queen chastity. Small girl with big God (father) is that slay queen who has a honey coated tongue to pick from your wallet without a gun. She always want to reap from where she don’t sow.

Fake girls every where, mixed with the good ones like a wolf in sheep clothing. You can’t understand them , like when you are looking in between the legs of a girl wearing a mini skirt , the more you look , the darker the view. A wanton slay queen can mislead you into the lions den. Be aware.

The so called small girl is a slang for a hoodrat ,yet most of them pretend and camouflage to cajole the young neophyte gentleman who needs trust and chastity. Hey Buddy ! If your trusted babe is a whore, you may not know because she will coat her tongue and body language with honey/ pretence to ensure you could not realize any dirty detail of her. She will seal your senses so you may not figure out her true identity. But in your absent she is a true color of lewdness.

However, there’s a thorough research on spoting out these weed from the plants. The following qualities, if frequently inhibited by your girlfriend, don’t think twice she’s faking and she’s definitely lascivious . And if you are lucky enough you will catch her red-handed in her true light in broad day light. I will analyse the true qualities of a capricious damsel from simple to complex; So be patient enough to read and digest this elucidation with zeal and understanding.

1.) Potential Flasher:

Those that cares about you, will at their own expense desire to call you to know how you are doing. The girl with love in her heart will find peace in hearing your voice as frequent as possible.

A slay Queen is the opposite. She don’t care, if she needs money from you she will flash you to call back. She ensure every expenses made comes from your wallet and will practice parasitism with you to the core.

Is time to place the asterisks, cross the T and dot the i. Take note of the damsel who never call you, instead will flash you to call back. She’s either a partial parasite or a small girl with big god. Be aware.

2.) Nagging:

It’s normal for babes to be loquacious but when it transforms to nagging – something is behind it. Nagging is a tactics used by a slut to make you always feel guilty and imperfect. Her primary aim for this is to make you feel that only she can make the right decision for you. If she catches you with this charm, you are a dead man.

Consider yourself a dead man once you are predictable. She will be the sole dictator behind all your actions and end up preying on you to bleed you whiter than snow.
This is how she do it, complaining over little things that don’t matter and viewing your decisions from a negative direction.

She wears you gallow and fervent chaos, next you see yourself like “Hello Dear, I wanted to go and see my parents should I go? They always ask for money anytime I go….”
Sorry brother, she caught you with the chaos tactics of nagging.
If you are in this shoe, wake up clean your face and continue sleeping. Because a very big mermaid fish was caught by your net now she’s tormenting you.

I didn’t say you can’t ask for her opinion, but when she caught your attention by nagging and you end up being scared of saying certain things, or doing certain things without her permission, you are in already. Place your hand on your chest and say “Father deliver me from the manipulation of my small girl with big god” and believe and you shall be set free.

3.) Money Monger:

Money rule the world, money brings bitches. Try this experiment. Tell her “Baby I love you” and watch her reactions. Then bring some money and give her and say it again and watch her reactions.

Small girl with big god will only play and smile with you when you give her money or when she wants to collect money from you. Else, her mood will be tuned to mean mode.
She will demand cash for any service she renders you, infact her primary role is a receiver. You now have a leach that perches on your lesion to make you a host to a living parasite.

Take note of those babes that behave like a one way check valve and tag them too.

4.) Single Forever:

Hustlers must always hustle. Tag your girlfriend who will say “I’m happy to be single forever”. Do you know what she mean? She’s indirectly notifying you that she’s a part time flirt who hops from one dude to another fella in total freedom.

Every normal single girl anticipates to get married someday: sooner or later. But the bad eggs never mind. Most of them are single mother and never daydream marriage anymore.
Others are just promiscuous and type rated mechanical fornication.

When you discuss marriage with her and she always reply “I’m not ready to marry now”. Be aware.

5.) Parasitism:

One a potential character attribute of this fake babe is acute greed. She can never assist you in any way, she is only interesting in the money she  collects from you. Monitor her closely and you will get to discover that your expenditure is running through a non return line. I mean you are always the one assisting her every time. Small girl with big god will never ever visit you unless you promised her some money.

Try this experiment, assume that you have a problem and you want her to aid you. You will see flimsy excuses and quarrel from no where attacking you. Just try her, demand for common airtime and she will never respond positively. Be wary of any babe who’s always at the receiving end and cares not about you when you are in need. A friend in need is a friend indeed. Shine your eyes, there are psychic vampires everywhere. Be Aware.

6.) No Future Plans:

Set your site and probe the attitude of all your babes that never mind to discuss with you about planning your future life. You may not be comfortable the way you are but she don’t care. For all she cares is the milk and honey she extracts from you.

It’s high time the ladies should brush there brain more than there face, because that husband material will need your brave suggestions frequently.
Zoom your horoscope amidst your babes and you will see them plenty. Then pluck off the weed from the plants, it’s easy you can do it.

7.) No Counseling:

There’s no man who doesn’t slum into chaos and hard time. In times like this, a companion is needed to counsel and advise. Slay Queen doesn’t advise you. Instead she will help you to make more mistake.

8.) Black Lies:

Whatever a slay queen tells you about herself is virtually a black lie. Starting with fake name, fake address, fake parents and continue with telling you lies about herself. Fake girl friend never tell the truth about her movement. And on no account will she ever accept to take you to her real patents.

Small girl can only introduce you to her sisters, brothers or fellow slay queen, in fact if you are too dedicated, by the time you are gone you are their next topic of the day. They will give you nose and call you names, “Mr Lover Man”. Don’t forget all small girl with big god are smart liars.

9.) Contemptuous :

Real sluts are contemptuous, disrespectful and ill mannered .She may look innocent but in her true color she’s insolent. She talks to her man rudely, take advantage of the love and respect given to her. She will even attempt to beat you and if you keep quite, someday she will embarrass you in public.

10.) Networking:

She has multiple partners networking with her. Many other men are dating her so she will never allow you to check her phone. She have many  tiny links and keep several secrets; you may find out some very soon as no secret stay forever.  Sometimes she has many phones, she may never bring her main phone to you.

11.) Seduction:

Slay Queen masters the art of seduction. Be watchful of those ones that are so sleek and perfect to be with. It’s an art of seduction to magnet your attention. Bad bitch can go any length to keep you in line, from sex chat to  porns videos of herself and nude photos.

Most promiscuous girls are typical slay Queen. Be aware.

12.) No Money – No Friend:

Since she came for the money , whenever you go broke , friendship/relationship ends there.

Now use your tongue to count your teeth. Small girl with big god everywhere. Tag one.



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