Risk Of Leading A Porous Sexuality


Since the publishing of the article “The Necessity Of Condom Use” in January 2019, majority of my readers highly demanded for a remix of this topic for further readers’ digest. I was like “what I’m I going to say, to make a good reference to this post?”, i went on airplane mode and ran my fast fingers across the keyboard coming up with “The Risk Of Leading A Porous Sexuality”.

Sex is a normal, healthy part of life. It should be a combination of fun and ecstasy between you and your partner, when practicing chastity. But it can also be risky if you or your partner indulge in dangerous behaviours that could create access to disease and emotional cluster.

Most of us have been victims of porous sexuality in one way or the other, starting from trusting a stranger, through just the desire to just do it  without protection seals. Most at times we end up crash landing on the threshold of sexual transmitted infections/diseases and unwanted pregnancy. We forfeit prevention, and rather budget for cures; forgetting that when you set yourself on fire hoping that there’s a hospital somewhere, you may be highly disappointed when the doctors and your cash couldn’t impact any reasonable restoration.
Warning: If you can’t indulge in sexuality safety consciously, please abstain. Because it maybe dangerous and irreversible death trap.

It’s more secure to visit the laboratory and carry out routine medical check up on yourself and partner at least quarterly. Or disregard that and continue using a condom correctly or the both more preferably.

The Repercussion
The head over heel of leading porous sexuality is simply becoming a victim of partaking in sexual intercourse without caution. Anal sex is not an exemption, those who practice anal and oral sex are more prone to STI that individuals who indulge in normal sex.
The temptation is always there to just do it, and there will be no repercussions. Not until the bacteria, fungi, virus etc that we just introduced to our body system start replicating themselves giving an output of one disease or the other; it’s there and then too late, when we are gnashing that we could recall that it’s a dangerous decision to practicalize  foreplay without considering the safety precautions governing the exercise.

There’s this phrase that me and few of my efficient buddies use for ages to prevent the temptation of swimming an ocean we ain’t know the depth without a life jacket. And for you to be among few outstanding individuals reading my blog post now, I will not hesitate to expose this secret to you. If you can recall this phrase before an insecure bonk indulgence, you will be awaken from the oblivion embedded in the ecstasy of lust.

Inscribe this phrase on the slate of your mind, and always retrieve this information before fucking someone you are not aware of his or her medical history. This phrase can save you from acquiring deadly infections from a corrupt pudenda or cock, if accessed in a raw state. When you recall this Repercussion Phrase, a second thought swings into your mind, to enable you do it with privacy mode activated or quit.

Repercussion Phrase: “Pain, Disease and Shortlife Spam Is Embedded In Unprotected Sex , Be Aware”.

It takes absolute self-control for an indiscipline carnal minded individual like me, and just like you reading this article; to have a second thought of recalling the necessity of condom use, when you suddenly gain a scholarship to taste the forbidden fruits, with a stranger – on a platter of gold.

Trust no bitch, especially the sex workers who survive their life from being paid for sex, because they are more vulnerable and likely to have the deadly diseases like HIV, HPV, Hepatitis, Herpes etc.
You can take the Hepatitis vaccine, or any other available vaccine and ensure a pre-sex quick HIV test. To be on a safe side. Else, use your condom cautiously. Trust none with it.

I have another phrase, I will call the Caution Phrase, it’s similar to repercussion phrase, but with a step further. Always remembering this, it may reserve your life from visiting an early grave.

Caution Phrase: Use Condom Cautiously or Abstain.

I’m sure this phrase is very simple, to enable easy recalling.
Note: Always have this two Key Of Life at your finger tips, while heading to the receptionist to book a room for bonk practice.


In the flame of ecstasy, and passion, there’s a hidden pain, regret and sorrow. You need not make a friend with the source of danger to be secure: all you need do is to identify the masquerade, and strategize yourself, on how to cross the obstacles without being hurt.
See without being seen.
Know thy enemies, I mean the “Risk of Leading A Porous Sexuality”.
Plug the cherry when it’s ripe.
Enjoy the ecstasy of divine lust, love, and sexuality without killing yourself by yourself.
This is a plane truth. A secret truth.
Take it or leave it, it stands.

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