Slay_King – How To Detect A Womanizer

The Slay_King – How To Detect A Womanizer

“I caught you starring at my bum bum”, she said, but analyzing from the rear, how did she know he was looking at her? It means she was indirectly looking at him too. A womanizer is that boy, man, uncle, brother, etc that has no control over the vector of lust – the passion of the mind. We call him playboy. There are few slangs used to describe this insatiable bonk glutton, namely : Playboy, Casanova, Player, Wencher, Romeo, Lothario etc. He would desire to fornicate with all the female classmates if permitted, he would practicalize coitus with all the church girls if he has his way, most fervently he would prefer to initiate a temporary relationship with all the ladies that he casts his eyes on if possible. The ladies’ boy is mostly very sexually active beyond his control. He may prefer to subject himself to the stress of indulging in multiple sexual activities preferably to food consumption. Yeah, in fact he eats pussy to live, as fanny is the shape of his heart , and it stays on his mind all day and all night.

The promiscuous flirting male tactically learns how to seduce his target preys with winks, gifts, spins, cuddles and kindness. There are various qualities developed by a man to confirm that he’s actually a lecher. Sometimes he’s quite good to be with at the start, but don’t forget he’s a chief superintendent of lechery. Let’s microscopically access this action of most dudes disregarding the outcome of the deed for now. The philanderer enjoys his game of hearts – making and breaking hearts. He knows the happy spot of the hoodrat, or good girl. So he may really be a good companion, and a nice guy to be with at times. Just that chastity is meaningless in his personal philosophy.

Now back to the implications of the playboy activities in it’s true light. For the single girls who ain’t ready to wear the ring yet, the wencher’s shelter is a very good home for her, because it’s free of relationship jealousy and trust cluster. He’s a handsome young caring guy she would say. The home girls who enjoys the stay are the Class A category on the prey queue. Class A is most wanted list on the Lothario’s Billboard. But for the ladies whom are anticipating to settle down with one man and build a home, the Casanova is a pervet bloke without magnitude and direction. And his kindness and activities will mean little to her, except if he’s anticipating a conjugal bliss. “She’s a bad meat” the playboy exclamates. All the bad meats are in Category Z on the billboard. Category Z is a no go area, except if you are ready to grow from boys to men.

Focus alert you are in the playboy zone, where lechery and sexual promiscuity is an element of the set. It rates from social media to real life. Where lechery is mixed with acute seduction to cajole a greedy girl to be caught by the snare to wack the forbidden fruit unripe .
The following unique attribute of a player spots him out like a white fowl . Caught on the camera – here we go.


1. Bum Stare
The first symptom of a chronic womanizer is his manner of starring at the oscillatory and random motion of ladies’ bum-bum in mini skirts. He lurks at anything that that protrudes from the back of a female. An ass lurking addict is either a part time or full time play boy. Be aware.

2. Social Media Female Dominated.
On social media, he has more of female friends and always busy chatting up girls all the time. He’s always flipping through girls’ pictures, and like/comment on them. Some times he would like a picture and still go ahead to inform the girl that he just liked her photo. That’s obviously the reason why ladies used to have more likes on Facebook and other social media. The queue of admirers is long.

3. Ladies’ Lurking
Caught on the lens. This is the most common trait of womanizers; look the direction of his eyes after a gorgeous girl just passed by, I bet you he can’t be focusing any other direction other than the fine girl. So many things will be running through his skull. Lust, love, bum, fanny, queef, ass twerk, lies , truth, tricks and seduction. By their fruits we shall know them. If your partner partake in lady lurking then you know how to categorize him.

4 . Luring Love For Lust
Boom ! This lecherous bloke won’t kill me. He saw a girl just today and he told her ” I love you so much”. And funny enough he said it very seriously in such a way he can convince any lady with a stone heart. Don’t be decieved , that is a player’s trick to lure you into love, while he lusts, so he can hurt your feelings at will. Yeah , love must be planted on a solid rock and not in the air like this. So next time a fat head dude will profess love to you, pause and ask yourself, “is this true love or blunt lust”.
The truth of the matter is that, most of the guys that do this don’t have genuine intention for ladies, but just to crave unnecessary attention. This is the trait of a chronic flirt. Be aware.

4. Flashy and Stylish
Not all that glitter is gold, an electroplated gold may shine better than the real gold either. A young man that dresses apparently cute all the time, mostly is not ordinary, he’s using his colors to seduce the female counterpart like a peacock. Watch your neighborhood, the lady’s man dresses flashy, enticing and wearing the best perfumes. And that is one of the bait he uses to cajole the babes to believe that he has money. But when you opt in, the more you look, the less you see.

5. How He Denies When Caught By Sight
Most of the playboys usually have one babe that they admire. If you happens to be that lady of his heart. Try this formula, try to accuse him in one or the other that he’s a casanova and watch his reaction. He will be explaining himself far enough to convince her that he’s not. Clear conscience fears no accusations.So the accusations will be feared because the conscience is not clear.

6. Father Christmas
Another common thing with the pervertious philanderer is that he sets the map of calculated steps to lure his prey, in the cause of doing that, he don’t mind to shower his target with gifts like a Father Christian. But I bet you, if he achieves his aim sooner than later, that gift store will close. To keep the store key open, you may do well to deny him of his wish for a long time.

7. Relentless Effort To Win
Note that man who can ask a lady out and she didn’t accept and he desperately keep employing his ceaseless effort disturbing her hoping she will accept some day. That boy is definitely a playboy, because a playboy believes that he’s irresistible by woman.

8. Aggresion Replaces Reverse Lust
This is funny but true. If a guy has tried all his known tricks to the best of his knowledge and it fails him, anger replaces lust in heart and he becomes unnecessarily angry with her during an opportunistic interference; such that people will wonder what she has done wrong to him. This is why some sexually greedy lecturers will fail their students who refuses to submit. Lust reverse is anger. So when he boils above 100℃ for you over common things, don’t be surprise his wisdom has failed him.

It will surprise you to see them bashing ladies without cause. Funny enough, these same guys will still go about stalking them secretly. Holy dog shit.

7. Ass-lick Ladies
For the guys who will condemn and call your friend all sort of names in order to convince a lady to like you. You are ass-licking that girl, very soon your mouth will be poop full. This one can betray anything when lust is in his eyes, just try his integrity and let him charge through that window then watch how he will betray you when his eye is clear.

A womanizer is a pussy hunter. His eyes can X-ray the skirt to see what’s really under. A fanny repairer but heart breaker. Lust and Anger are very difficult to master among the passion of the mind. Build your mind to be stronger than your emotions.
Look at him , he’s still starring hahaha; but how did you know he was mouth drooping lurking at you. That’s the question without an answer. Take a pen and paper and note your Casanova Buddies.

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