The True Relationship Goal


In summary, the ideal relationship goal is to attain true happiness and forever a loving/understanding couple. Indulging in a relationship is intending to develop a good companion. Creating a good companion can trigger a competent union between a set of individuals insinuating marriage. Venturing into a relationship can serve as a ground to learn courtship by blending the social differences acquired from different homes.

It would be an error to embark on the journey of marriage without first initiating the nursery and initial start. Behind the bar of wedlock is not the right ground to start spotting out individual’s mistakes either. Rather courtship is the suitable playground for such.

Intimacy can add more value to building trust, love, patience, and understanding in a relationship. A relationship which is equipped with these core value could be quite inspirational.
Relationship goals are best viewed as a guideline that prompts how to best give and receive love. It sounds simple, but it’s actually not. It involves a lot of sacrifices and endurance.

Core value of relationship goal should focus on facts and not fantasy as it should commit to building a long lasting relationship filled with understanding, happiness, and love that could sustain marital bliss and manage the challenges that could be encountered in marriage.

Good relationship or marriage does not just exist. They are built and maintained by exercising love over power.
The core values of relationship goal include the special traits that ought to be searched for individually in that relationship and always adjusting it to be align with it’s supposed serviceable status.


And two shall become one. This Unique core value of relationship goal is an extraordinary attribute found only where there’s true love. The couple becomes a single entity in the presence of love and unity. It takes sacrifices of giving up personal interest and pursuits including social life to achieve this.
However, It’s vital in any relationship for each individual to maintain their own individuality and independence.


Note that relationship and marriage are high institution that you get admitted into and you never graduate. Learning becomes a continuous process, such that you will keep on discovering a new thing every day of your life.

One a wonderful way to keep expanding in consciousness is to positively challenge each other to learn new skills and knowledge together. The relationship goal of lifelong learning keeps your intellect sharp, brilliant and efficient always.

Considering yourselves while making decisions and planning in a relationship will go a long way to keep the union alive.

One of the ultimate core value of relationship goal is to take care of each other. Put each other’s best interests high up in your decisions making factors. Handle each other’s heart space and emotions with respect and like your valued treasure. It’s very important.


The bedrock of building a long lasting trust and love in a relationship is practicing chastity . Trust is like an ice block, the process of it melting down is irreversible. You must be for your partner alone to safe the head of innocent generation you are intending to build by wading off unnecessary individuals from playing similar role.

As you make up mind to build a relationship with a partner of your right choice, honesty becomes more important on daily basis. A morning without makeup, the truth about your link with certain people and certain things, the true digit in your savings account, the truth about where you go etc.

Humility on the other hand is as important as honesty. Being humble to each other will aid in tolerating each other’s space. Such patience and love recovered by means of humility will be needed all the days of the relationship to keep it warm and alive.

Do an abnormal thing out there, and make the special one feel more special. Like sing a love song loud to his hearing, toot loud to his hearing, buy a special gift he/she never expected from you.

Sometimes do something so crazy and silly, because this grand gesture leaves no doubt in your partner’s mind that they are loved. One way to remind your partner that you love them for real, for the long run, is just doing something for them that is bizarre and surprise him all the way long. Buy a giant teddy, order 300 flowers, blast a love song outside their window, present a special gift he was never expecting, crack jokes and laugh out loud.

Every once in a while, make your partner blush with attention and create a lifelong memory by doing something bizarre.

Be his best friend, girl friend and his lover. Vis-a-vis be her best friend, boyfriend and lover. Be a paddy and a buddy to the beloved.

At the end of the day, your partner is your person, they (hopefully) know you inside out and (probably) spend the most time with you above anyone else.

Attend some nice ceremony together, go to the gym, go shopping, hang out together, have some drinks, eat fishes and toast together. Make some days a blissful one.

There would be time when the relationship would mean less to you. At this juncture you need to aflame it with coming closer again. Going on outings together breathes fresh air into a relationship. Couples hitting all the core values of relationship goals involves doing new things together. You don’t have to go skydiving to adventure together, even if it’s a coffee shop down the street you’ve been meaning to try. Newness and spontaneity keeps the flame of your love alive.

Be nice to your partner especially when your assistance is needed. Let him/ her know your strength and weakness. Because giving room for overrating you, will make him/her to demand beyond your true capability. And when you can’t assist, you will then seem uncaring.

Be as generous as you can with your perception of your partner and what you choose to give in the relationship. Give them the benefit of doubt, believe in the good and go the extra mile to be genuinely nice. Being kind is one of the simple but effective couple goals for a truly great kind of love. Spoil him/her with niceness.

Let the soft breeze of love blows the gentle touch of romance Into the relationship. Never stop Hug, kiss, hold hands but let love lead.

This one is also pretty simple. It brings you closer, re-establishes connection and let true romance have a room. Make it a habit. Don’t stop. If you’re young or old, together short or long. Always hold hands. In bed, on the couch, in the street, in the park, at the shopping mall, under the table, in the cinema.
Keep love blazing.


Always think ahead, plan for the future together. Review future plans and analyse it together. Because two good head is better than one fat fibre full head.

As much as fun can give your relationship happiness a boost, planning towards long-term goals provides security and sense of achievement that goes a long way to contentment and accomplishment. It also gives the stamp of security that it’s not weird to make long-term plans and affirms that you both see a future together.

12.) PREPARE TO HANDLE CONFLICTS: As there are days of smiles, merry and love. Register at the back of your mind that the dark days of doom may be fast approaching too. Days of quarrel over common things, moments of disagreement, anger in mind and the wish not to forgive. Is normal, but if you both can disagree to agree, love will have room to germinate.

Great relationships are built by two people who know how to forgive themselves  over and over again. You can’t have a good relationship if you keep grudges. So always create an atmosphere of forgiveness in your relationship.

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